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Hair detangler & Heat Protectant

Lip tint adds a beautiful subtle color to your lips and feels like lip balm

The best clean drugstore mascara

My favorite makeup sponges for a flawless application


Very clean protein powder with minimal ingredients

Fluoride-free toothpaste with Hydroxyapatite

The best calming treat for after dinner

The Ionic foot detox bath I use


The best oven mitts- they’re very grippy

Makes perfect hard boiled eggs every time

The best metal mixing bowls with silicon so they don’t slide around

Strainer bowl combo helps with soaking fruit and veggies & straining rice

Shower filter- so good for your hair & skin


High Frequency machine helps acne heal much faster

The best magnifying mirror and light

Compact walking pad- up to 3.9 miles per hour

The best leggings- comfy for lounging and stay up when working out

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: I am very selective about the products I use and recommend. I always try products before I share them to make sure that it is something I personally love and recommend. In full transparency, when you click certain links and purchase items- I may receive a referral commission. You will never pay more when buying through my links but I will always try to get you a discount. I appreciate you!