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Hair detangler & Heat Protectant

Lip tint adds a beautiful subtle color to your lips and feels like lip balm

The best clean drugstore mascara

My favorite makeup sponges for a flawless application

Great clean foundation

Longest-lasting lip liner

The best aerosol dry shampoo

My favorite clean perfume

Great for wrinkles & easy to apply

The best dark self tanner

My favorite curling iron ever

Detangling hair brush

Makes your hair so shiny!

Great for flyaways

The best anti-frizz

My favorite foundation!

My favorite primer

The best undereye brightener

The best clean bronzer

Super thin brow pencil

Hydrating & soothing serum

The best hydrating toner- clean

My favorite toner for acne- clean

Great drugstore glue ons

My favorite glue on nails $5 off

2 in 1 blow dryer I use every wash

Unisex aluminum free deodorant

The best serum for pigment/ melasma

My Makeup brush drying rack

The best foaming face wash

My super sharp eyeliner brush

The best clean Vitamin C Serum

My favorite face lotion- clean

The best nose wax kit

Lilac St. 10% off w/ LAURENERRO10

ProLash 10% off w/ LAURENE10

The easiest lashes to apply- no glue

The best hydrating cuticle serum

Long lasting press on nails

My favorite concealer brush

Clean face self tanner

Long lasting nail polish

Love these for setting undereyes

My favorite face razors

The best nail files

Amazing nail hardener

The best cuticle remover

Great for DIY extractions

Great for deep zits and milia

Magnifying mirror with light- I’ll never not have one of these

Amazing super clean SPF

The BEST lash serum

Makes your eyes so white

LED light has so many benefits

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