The Best 5 Clean Dental Products You Need In Your Oral Hygiene Routine

I’m one of those people that always get anxious when I go to the dentist. Probably because I’ve had so many fillings over the years. When I was younger, I swear, every time they’d tell me I had a new cavity despite the fact that I took decent care of my teeth. But as an adult that now has to pay my own dental costs, I do take it a bit more seriously. I’ve started using all clean dental products and the last time I went to the dentist the hygienist told me I have the cleanest teeth she’s ever seen! In this post, I’m going to share the best 5 clean dental products to use, so hopefully, your hygienist will tell you that too!

The Best 5 Clean Dental Products You Need In Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Why I stopped using fluoride

I switched to all clean dental products about two years ago after learning the truth about fluoride. Are you aware that fluoride is a poison? Yeah… the people that handle fluoride have to wear full-on protective gear because it’s so dangerous. Fluoride has been said to cause cancer, brittle bones, white spots on teeth (dental fluorosis- Steve has these), and even neurological impairment.

Think about this… it’s advised to call poison control if a child swallows more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste yet they still put it in our products and pump it into our tap water!! It makes no sense… And most water filters don’t filter fluoride. this is why I purchased the Berkey water filter and the additional fluoride filters. I’ve had it for two years and have been really happy with it! Clearly, my dental hygiene hasn’t taken a hit without fluoride… *if you want a Berkey the code LAUREN10 gets you a discount!

This is what I use in my dental routine:


I’ve tested quite a few fluoride-free toothpastes over the past two years and my favorite is definitely this one with Hydroxyapatite because it has so many benefits and especially helps with my super sensitive teeth. Hydroxyapatite also helps people with reoccurring cavities, it remineralizes your teeth, strengthens your enamel, helps with sensitivity, and it whitens! I have noticed in the few months I’ve used it that my teeth and gums aren’t nearly as sensitive as they used to be.

the best fluoride free toothpaste with hydroxyapatite


I’m not going to lie to you and say I floss daily. I definitely don’t BUT I do floss around 3x a week. I never got into using string to floss- it’s just a hassle. I much prefer using the wands with floss on the end like THIS.

I also use my water flosser occasionally. They’re really the best because they spray a hard line of water between your teeth and gums and really get in there. They’re a little messier than the floss wand but they make your gums feel so good and clean! I find that using warm water makes it more enjoyable than cold.

The best dental floss methods


I don’t use an electric toothbrush daily- I prefer a manual one and THIS ONE is truly the best. It’s really small and is SO soft! It has microfine bristles that reach into areas most toothbrushes can’t. It makes my teeth feel so clean! This is probably the reason I can get away with not flossing every day.

I also have THIS electric toothbrush and out of the many I’ve tried over the years it is definitely my favorite. I really dislike the feeling of things vibrating in my mouth, especially first thing in the morning, and this one isn’t bad! Plus the head is tiny so I feel like it’s much easier to use. I use it one or two times a week.

the best clean dental products

Tongue scraper:

I’ve used a tongue scraper forever. I never want to have bad breath and I feel like this really helps with that! Tongue scrapers remove bacteria, improve your breath, and improve your sense of taste. I use THIS one and I really like it.

My holistic dentist

I just switched to a holistic dentist and I am so pleased with my experience! They used a sonic cleanser to clean my teeth instead of the metal scraper. The noise was pretty obnoxious but it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as the metal scraper.

Then when she did the gum test I got 1’s and 2’s!! That’s even better than I had before! She said barely anyone has all 1’s and 2’s and that my gums didn’t bleed at all! She also said when people have higher numbers in the back it could be from getting their wisdom teeth out. It’s could be leftover gum inflammation or scar tissue that increases that number. So if you feel like you have great dental hygiene but can’t get your numbers down this could be why. I didn’t have any wisdom teeth to remove so that’s probably why my number is so low.

Airway Scan

They also did a scan of my airway. This was SO COOL. It’s called Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) and it takes a photo of my airway, skull, and jaw. A healthy airway is 12-14mm (mine was 13.9) and anything less can cause issues like:


-put you at risk for obstructive sleep apnea

-teeth grinding & clenching

-cause a malpositioned jaw.

If your airway is too small they make a custom appliance similar to a retainer. It helps to grow your airway. And by fixing your airway you can help with neck and shoulder tension. My friend even said his airway appliance has helped his hip pain!

Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT)  scan

I’m so proud of my clean teeth! Whenever you switch to cleaner products you always question if they’re really as effective as the non-clean ingredients we’ve used forever… Well, clearly my body didn’t need fluoride to keep my teeth in top shape!

Hope this post inspires you to try some of my top dental products!



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