Amazing Round Dining Room Tables for Under $1000

Round dining room tables are perfect for a breakfast nook, dining area, or small spaces. This shopping guide will help you find the perfect budget-friendly table from your favorite places (including Pottery Barn!). So keep reading to find the best round dining tables for under $1000.

Amazing Round Dining Room Tables for Under $1000

Round Dining Room Tables for Under $1000

One of the most important things when looking for a new kitchen table is to measure how big your dining space is. Make sure you leave plenty of room around your table so that chairs can fit comfortably around the table while people sit. A lot of these table options come in multiple sizes to fit your space. Also, take into consideration if you have extra guests regularly and need a few extra place settings.

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Putnam Round Dining Table from West Elm

The Putnam Round Dining Table from West Elm is my top pick for a round-shaped dining table. The contemporary feel with the x-shaped base gives it a modern touch. This table comes in 3 different sizes at super-affordable prices so you can go with the perfect size for your space. West Elm is known for quality furniture pieces and great customer service.

Owen Round Dining Table from Pottery Barn

The Owen Round Dining Table from Pottery Barn is a small table with a beautiful brown finish. It has a unique pedestal base and round top that is perfect for smaller dining rooms. Its compact size makes it a great choice for an apartment or for smaller spaces.

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Nya Round Dining Table from Wayfair

This Nya Round Dining Table from Wayfair is a beautiful solid wood dining table that is available in 2 finishes. The clean lines of the base give this table a contemporary style and make it the perfect addition to any style space. This table has a 48-inch diameter, making it the right size to fit about 6 chairs around it.

White Oak Rattan Dining Table from Amazon

This White Oak Rattan Dining Table from Amazon is a unique pedestal table that has a great price tag and even boasts a solid wood natural oak pedestal base. The curves of the base of this table give it a unique character and the rattan inset design gives it a modern look. You can also get this affordable table with a faux marble top.

Geary Round Dining Table from AllModern

The Geary Round Dining Table from AllModern is a sturdy pedestal dining table with glass tops. This smaller size fits 4 chairs comfortably and is one of the best options if you have limited space. This sturdy table is also a great option to have with kids because the glass top is easily cleaned and won’t scratch with daily use.

Helena Round Wood Pedestal Dining Table from Birch Lane

The Helena Round Wood Pedestal Dining Table from Birch Lane is a beautiful and unique option that fits perfectly with a variety of decor styles. The curved round pedestal base makes for extra leg room and gives this round wood dining table a mid-century appeal.

Astrid Mid-Century Round Dining Table from Target

This Astrid Mid-Century Round Dining Table from Target comes in 3 different wood shades to match your home decor and has an extension piece for added seating capacity. This table seats 4 people without the extension table insert and 6 people with it. This table is one of the best budget-friendly options in this round-up and has great reviews.

Plank+Beam Round Dining Room Tables from Walmart 

The Plank+Beam Round Dining Table from Walmart is a beautiful modern table that is perfect for any room size. It has a unique table leg design that gives it stability and appeal. The top of the table has a weathered wire brush finish that makes this table choice perfect for everyday use. This table comes in 3 finishes for effortless styling to match your home aesthetic.

​Tips on How to Style Round Dining Room Tables

  1. Centerpiece Selection: Since Round Dining Room Tables lack corners, opt for a centerpiece that complements its round shape. A large floral arrangement, a decorative bowl filled with seasonal fruits, a sculptural vase, or a cluster of candles can all work well. Ensure the centerpiece doesn’t obstruct the view across the table.
  2. Tablecloth or Runner: Choose a tablecloth or table runner that enhances the circular shape of the table. A round tablecloth can add elegance, while a table runner can provide a pop of color or texture along the center.
  3. Proportional Seating: When selecting chairs, ensure they are proportionate to the size of the Round Dining Room Tables. Too large or too small chairs can disrupt the visual harmony. Consider chairs with curved backs to complement the round table shape.
  4. Mix and Match Chairs: Embrace an eclectic look by mixing different styles of chairs around the table. This adds visual interest and can create a more dynamic dining space. However, ensure there’s some element that ties the chairs together, such as color, material, or design theme.
  5. Tableware Placement: Arrange tableware symmetrically around the table to maintain balance and harmony. Place settings should be evenly spaced, and any decorative items, such as napkin rings or chargers, should be aligned with the table’s circumference.
  6. Rug Underneath: If your dining area permits, consider placing a round rug underneath the table to define the dining space and add warmth. Ensure the rug is large enough to accommodate both the table and chairs, allowing ample space for movement.
  7. Accessorize: Add finishing touches to the table with decorative accessories like placemats, napkins, or table runners. Choose items that complement the style of the room while adding visual interest to the table setting.
  8. Keep it Balanced: Maintain a sense of balance and proportion throughout the styling process. Avoid overcrowding the table with too many decorations or overly large centerpieces that dominate the space. Aim for a cohesive look that allows guests to comfortably enjoy their dining experience.

This Post Has Amazing Round Dining Room Tables for Under $1000

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