9 Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

This post has 9 Thanksgiving tablescape Ideas for you! This time of year is so magical and fun. Gathering together with family and friends for a Thanksgiving meal is so special. Here is some inspiration to make your table wow your loved ones this year!

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

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Thanksgiving is such a cozy holiday. I love any excuse to sit around the table with close friends and family members and enjoy their company with a delicious meal. I also love any excuse to make a beautiful and aesthetic tablescape to make things feel even more cozy and inviting. Decorating your table for Thanksgiving makes it feel more special and welcoming. It’s a fun tradition that will wow your guests every year and make them feel right at home. Below are some of my favorite Thanksgiving tablescape ideas.

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Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

This time of year is all about the harvest vibes. Decorating with pumpkins and fall stems is what will really make your table feel festive this Thanksgiving. I love neutrals with a pop of color this year. These ideas will get you started on the right track, but putting your own personal touch is what’s ultimately going to make your home feel inviting.

Big Pumpkins and Candlesticks Thanksgiving Tablescape

Elegant Thanksgiving table scape


This Thanksgiving Tablescape has a lot going on. I love that the large, artfully placed pumpkins are the focal point. The greenery and the beads work well to make everything look tied together, and the tall candlesticks balance it all out. I would recommend getting pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch this year, but if you don’t have time for that, Amazon has you covered!

eucalyptus stems
gold candlestick holders
wood beads

Farmhouse Vibes Thanksgiving Tablescape

farmhouse thanksgiving tablescape


This Thanksgiving tablescape idea is giving me the cutest farmhouse vibes. I love how it is super balanced and elegant. The gold napkin rings and the gold silverware are so cute with the gold candlestick holders. The greenery down the table is so full and well-done and I love the off-white table runner. And, the pumpkins of course make it feel like Thanksgiving.

cream table runner
Gold triangle napkin rings
Lambs ear garland

Cozy Outdoor Thanksgiving Tablescape

Outdoor cozy thanksgiving tablescape


If you’re hosting Thanksgiving and you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, then consider taking the meal outdoors this year. This idea is so cozy, and I absolutely love the idea of using a cute plaid blanket for a tablecloth! The blue and brown color combo is perfect for an outdoor Thanksgiving setting.

Wood Plates
blue plaid blanket
copper napkin rings

Neutral Thanksgiving Tablescape

minimalist thanksgiving tablescape


Gather all of your neutral decor, and use it for a cute tablescape this Thanksgiving! I love how this tablescape has so many different textures that all work well because they are the same color palette. My favorite parts of this tablescape are the fun wood-textured plates and the different textured vases all filled with different neutral stems. This neutral idea can be done so many ways for an aesthetic Thanksgiving this year!

woven placemats
black silverware
grass fall stems

Black and Gold Thanksgiving Tablecape

black and gold thanksgiving tablescape


I love decorating with black elements. I feel like it really makes things pop. This black and gold tablescape is so elegant and fun. I love that gold silverware is in this design as well. The gold candlesticks are so fun and fancy and they look so good on the black candlestick holders. I think the butcher paper down the center with white writing is also a fun touch and it matches the place cards. Adding in a bunch of different textured pumpkins makes this tablescape perfect for Thanksgiving time.

black lanterns
woven pumpkin
black candlestick holders

Colorful Centerpiece Thanksgiving Tablescape

Colorful centerpiece thanksgiving tablescape


I love all of the fall colors in this Thanksgiving Tablescape. The oranges and greens really make it feel like fall. The white dishes, napkins and candles add a simple touch to the look and I love the mixture of candlesticks and hurricanes. Different colored silverware is in, and in this design the black silverware is making the table feel special.

glass hurricanes
off-white vase
round woven placemats

Gold Pumpkins and Mini Trees

Gold pumpkins and mini Christmas trees thanksgiving tablescape


This tablescape is combining Harvest with Holidays and i couldn’t love it more. Gold elements are so chic and popular this year, and the gold-hammered mugs add the cutest touch to this table. I love the layered plates with the ornate charger and woven place mat. The white berry stems and the mini evergreen trees make this tablescape a good transition for the rest of the Holiday season.

hammered copper mugs
gold pumpkns
gold silverware

Minimal Simplistic Thanksgiving Tablescape

Minimal chic thanksgiving tablescape


I love ornate and big Thanksgiving Tablescapes, but I think that a simple design is elegant and classy. This tablescape idea gives plenty of room to enjoy each others company while still getting into the harvest spirit. A simple green garland with some mini pumpkins and a colorful napkin is a perfect way to add some holiday flair without going too overboard.

colorful mini pumpkins
orange fabric napkins
green garland

Pottery Barn Chic Thanksgiving Tablescape

Pottery Barn chic thanksgiving tablescape


This Thanksgiving Tablescape idea came straight from a Pottery Barn magazine. The stylists at Pottery Barn really know how do decorate, and this tablescape is very well done. I love all of the simple details in this design. The cute and small votive candles are a sweet touch and make for a more intimate setting verses tall candlesticks. Different textured pumpkins with warm lighting make for a cozy vibe. I also love the cinnamon sticks with the stems on top of the cloth napkins.

glass pumpkin
glass votive holders
round woven placemats

This Post Gave You 9 Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

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  1. Thanks for all of the ideas! I particularly have my eye on the gold pumpkin and mini trees one, just cuz I’m a sucker for Christmastime starting on Nov 1. I just had my carpets cleaned and I’m food prepping today, so once I nail down the tablescape I think everything should be set for Thanksgiving!