9 Adorable Mother’s Day Tea Party Ideas

From sweet little take-home party favors to fun place settings, these Mother’s Day Tea Party ideas are an adorable and fun way to celebrate moms!

Adorable Mother's Day Tea Party Ideas

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Mother’s Day Tea Party Ideas

As Mother’s Day approaches, what better way to honor the special women in our lives than by treating them to a delightful and elegant tea party? Whether you’re celebrating your mother, a cherished grandmother, or a close friend who embodies the spirit of motherhood, hosting a Mother’s Day tea party is a heartwarming and timeless way to express gratitude and create lasting memories.

Picnic Basket Meals

A cute little picnic basket filled with sandwiches, light bites, and wine is a great idea for a perfect Mother’s Day tea party. Tea doesn’t necessarily have to be the drink of choice when it comes to celebrating Mom’s special day. This idea is so aesthetic and you could even let your guests take the fun little basket home with them as a small gift.


Spa Take-Home Gifts

Filling a small box with fun little favors at your tea party is a beautiful way to let moms know they are cared for and special. It doesn’t need to be expensive or fancy. It could be a simple bouquet of garden roses or even just some of their favorite treats to let them know you love them.


Boxed-up Party Favors

Little matching boxes tied with pretty ribbons are a fun way to serve gifts or take-home treats. These little white boxes are affordable and look so pretty and cute.


Unique Take-Home Gifts

Finding a unique tea cup and tying it with a tea bag for a take-home gift is a fun way to create a lasting memory for the special moms in your life.


Simple Place Settings

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make things feel fancy and special for your Mother’s Day Tea Party. Folding silverware in cute colorful napkins and paper doilies is cute and adds such a special touch.


Paper Tea Cups

If you don’t want to do any dishes, consider using paper cups and plastic spoons at your tea party! This is a great idea and I think these paper cups look so fun even though they’re disposable.


Boxed-up Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie board in a box is a super fun and yummy way to celebrate Mom. I love the idea of having fresh fruit, crackers, cheese, and meats in a box to put together and enjoy.


Handbag Tea Cups

How adorable are these handbag tea cups?! These would be so cute for a Mother’s Day Tea Party!

Tea and Cookies

Vintage tea cups are adorable for your tea party. You could use what you have, or try to find some at a thrift store. They don’t have to match and they look so fun and special.


Fry Box Snacks

These little snack containers are so much fun. They would look so cute and are such an easy way to serve your guests.


Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea Party Menu Ideas

  • Tea Sandwiches: Tea parties are not complete without a tea sandwich! These cute little finger sandwiches are traditionally made with white bread, a smear of cream cheese, and sliced cucumbers.
  • Mini Quiches: These little egg cups are my favorite finger foods for a tea party. Typically made with a pie crust base with a filling of eggs, cheese, and bacon.    
  • Chicken Salad Sandwiches: This is a popular choice for a Mother’s Day tea party main dish. These would be easy to serve since you can make the filling beforehand and keep it in the refrigerator until right before your Mother’s Day guests arrive to be served.  
  • Tea Cakes: Tea cakes, like tea sandwiches, are small one-bite creations. They are a small little sweet treat that is a perfect addition to any tea party.
  • Egg Salad: Egg salad is another great option that can easily be made ahead of time to save you from having to prepare everything right beforehand.
  • Fresh Berries: Fresh berries are so yummy and refreshing to add to any get-together. They pack a flavorful punch and are a healthy addition to a special occasion.
  • Savory Snacks: Chips, pretzels, Chex mix, popcorn, nuts, etc. are great ideas for savory snack options to serve at a tea party.  

Types of Tea to Serve at a Mother’s Day Tea Party

Having a variety of teas to serve at a tea party is ideal. Most people won’t love the same tea choices. You could even try to have your own teas that you curate yourself! Here are some traditional tea party types of tea.

  • Earl Grey Tea: This British tea is typically a black tea base flavored with oil from the rind of bergamot orange.
  • Black Tea: Black tea is bolder and full-bodied. This is a traditional tea and can be made in various ways.
  • Herbal Tea: Herbal tea is not classified as actual tea (it doesn’t contain tea leaves). But it is delicious and has many varieties to suit any tea party theme.
  • Peppermint Tea: Peppermint tea is made with dried peppermint leaves. It is refreshing and a delicious choice for a tea party.
  • Fruit Tea: Fruit tea is made with fruit rinds and freeze-dried fruits. This choice is naturally sweet and comes in so many varieties and combinations.

This Post Has Mother’s Day Tea Party Ideas

I hope you feel inspired to create a celebration that truly reflects the love and appreciation you hold for the incredible mothers in your life. Remember that it’s the little details—the delicate china, the fragrant blooms, the laughter-filled conversations—that make this celebration so special. May this Mother’s Day be a time of joy, reflection, and gratitude. Here’s to the remarkable women who have shaped our lives. Happy Mother’s Day!

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