9 Christmas Tablescape Ideas

This post has 9 Christmas Tablescape Ideas for you! This time of year is so magical and fun. Gathering together with family and friends for a Christmas meal is so special. Here is some inspiration to make your table wow your loved ones this year!

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Christmas Tablescape Ideas

The Holidays can be a great time to express yourself with your style and creativity. Decorating a table can really make an impact, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are the best ideas that you can pull from that will get your creative juices flowing!

Christmas Tablescape decor

Black, Gold, and Plaid

Christmas Tablescape with black accents


Gold and green go together so well in this tablescape decor. The plaid napkins make such a festive visual statement and all of the gold elements are the perfect touch for the holidays. I also love the cute calendar on the wall and the mini Christmas tree next to the table to make it feel even more festive and fun.

green plaid napkins
Black Candlestick Holders
Gold Charger Plates
Bottle brush Christmas trees
gold silverware set
Christmas garland

Classic Green and Red Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape idea with velvet ribbon


This idea combines the classic green and red colors of Christmas with a twist! I love the rich wine shade that goes from the tree to the table. Wrapping the napkins in cute little velvet bows makes every plate look like a little sweet gift. The cranberries mixed in with the garland are the perfect centerpiece for this long festive table.

Red velvet ribbon
red berry stems
Red tapered Candles
Christmas garland
gold silverware set
wine glasses

Mutted Green and Gold Christmas Tablescape

Christmas table decor


Gold charger plates are a great way to make your table sparkle for the holidays, and these hammered ones really catch the light well. I’m loving the napkin tied in a bow and the cute wreaths under the plates. This idea is so simple and would be so easy to recreate. For the centerpiece, you can add garland with pinecones and other natural elements for an earthy touch.

light green napkins
wood napkin rings
wreath place mats
wine glasses
Christmas garland
Gold Charger Plates

Green with Whimsical Texture Christmas Tablescape

Christmas tablescape


How adorable is this table? I love everything about it! I’m totally learning how to fold my napkins like a Christmas tree this year! I also love the idea of drying orange slices to decorate the table with. Here is a tutorial if you want to dry your own orange slices this year and add them to your table, tree or wreaths.

green tapered candle sticks
green plaid napkins
crystal goblets
Christmas tree table decor
green napkins
copper silverware set

Classy and Sophisticated Gold Tones Christmas Tablescape

Christmas table settings


The gold and brass tones on this place setting are so sophisticated and pretty! I think gold is such a great shade for holiday decorating, and this setup looks great without being over the top. Adding in those natural elements with the rosemary sprig and the green garland makes this idea come to life. Velvet ribbon is very popular right now, so having some neutral ribbon on hand is a great idea. You can add it to your tree, your wreaths, or anywhere this holiday season!

brown velvet ribbon
brass Christmas bells
Gold bead garland
woven placemats
white linen napkins
linen table runner

Fairy Lights and Candles Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Table decor


I love a simple color palette when it comes to decorating a space. Light green and brown tones make this table feel welcoming and festive. I love that they added Christmas Crackers to the tablescape. These are fun traditions to add to your special holiday meal. I also really love the star tray with tealights! What a great way to add candlelight in a unique way.

Christmas Crackers
tea lights
white star tray
wine glasses
small white bowls
lambs ear stems

Neutral and Earthy Christmas Tablescape

neutral Christmas table decor


The wood and gold tones in this setup are making me smile. I love to decorate in neutral tones, and this tablescape is so eye-catching and cozy! The carefully placed lights from the tree and the candles make this space feel welcoming. This Christmas Tablescape feels earthy and natural while being simple and cozy.

wood napkin rings
wood serving tray
gold rim wine glasses
Flocked Pine cones
gold silverware set
white pillar candles

Candy Cane Stripes Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Table decor candy cane stripes


Candy cane stripes are a classic way to decorate a Christmas Tablescape! This table feels bright and cheery. I love the added red berries that bring a pop of color to the white background. The candle cages are an awesome touch that can be repurposed throughout the year.

red and white striped napkins
wood charger plates
glass candle cage
Christmas stems
bottle brush Christmas trees
white dinnerware | plates

Whimsical with Touches of Natural Elements Christmas Tablescape

elaborate Christmas tablescape


This whimsical Christmas Tablescape is so much fun! I love all of the elements that combine to make this festive and bright! All of the different greenery adds so much texture and character to the center, and the little pops of gold and red really bring it to life. I also love the idea of making a Holiday themed cake to have as your centerpiece as well as your dessert at the end of the meal!

Gold Reindeer
red Christmas ornaments
gold trees
table runner plaid
wine glasses
gold silverware set

This Post Has 9 Christmas Tablescape Ideas

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