21 Best New Years Eve Nail Ideas

This post has 21 New Year’s Eve Nails that are sparkly and super trendy! New Year’s is a time to sparkle and shine and you can go all-out on your nail designs with these sparkle-inspired nail ideas.

Sparkly New Year’s Eve Nails That Are Super Trendy

These New Year’s Eve Nail ideas are easy to recreate at home. All you need is a good quality sparkly glitter nail polish and a good top coat.

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My favorite brand for glitter polish is OPI. Their polishes are great for an opaque finish and I normally get a solid week of no chipping.

OPI Gold Glitter nail polish
OPI silver Glitter nail polish
OPI top coat

My hairdresser showed me these awesome polish pens. They work so well and they are so inexpensive!

gelish chrome stix gold
gelish chrome stix silver

Sparkly Accent with Milky White Nails and Gold Stars

These Sparkly New Year’s nails are perfect for the Holidays! I’m obsessed with the milky white nail trend. I think it looks classy, and the addition of gold stars is so fun!

New Year's Eve Nails ideas


Pink Chrome with Accent Nail

You can’t go wrong with pink nails. And for New Year’s, these ones add the best subtle sparkle! I love the fun accent nail on this design.

pink new year's eve nails


Gold Sparkle Ombre New Year’s Eve Nails with Stars

How fun is this ombre nail design? I love all of the different shimmer textures in this nail design, and the almond shape is perfect for New Year’s Eve Nails!

gold glitter new year's eve nails


Gold French Tips New Year’s Eve Nails

Gold French tips are a great way to add some character to a classic design. Using this nail pen would make this design so easy and inexpensive!

gold french tip new year's eve nails


Pink Ombre New Year’s Eve Nails with White Stars

I’m loving the sparkling ombre designs for this New Year’s! And pink sparkles are a perfect shade to ring in the New Year with!

long pink New year's nail ideas


Black Stripe with Sparkle Accents

Adding a touch of black with some sparkle is also a hit for this season. This nail design would go great with any aesthetic this New Year!

black stripe new years nails


Rose-Gold Sparkle French Tip

This rose-gold French tip is so classy and pretty. I love the squared-off tips and how it’s a subtle and fun way to add some sparkle to your New Year’s Eve Nails.

New Years Eve Nails sparkle french


Chrome Galaxy New Year’s Eve Nails

Stars are definitely a great New Year’s Eve accent, but why not add some moons as well? This chrome ombre design is a perfect way to ring in the New Year.

galaxy new years nails


Purple Chrome Shimmer New Year’s Eve Nails

If purple is your shade, then look no further than these chrome shimmer nails! They are so pretty and will make your nails pop this Holiday!

purple chrome nails for new years


Gold French Tips with Stars

I’m loving the sparkly French Tips this year, and adding in even more sparkle with some stars is the way to go!

glitter stars new years nails


White Stars with Silver Sparkles

If you have short nails and need a good New Year’s design, this one is super cute! I love how the silver shimmer is subtle, but makes a huge impact on this design.

short stars new years eve nails


Milky Nails with Gold Stripe Accent

Milky nails are very on-trend right now, and adding in some gold accents is the way to go for a perfect New Year’s design.

gold stripe new years eve nails


Milky White New Year’s Eve Nails with Gold Dots

These milky nails are a great idea for shorter nails. The gold dots are a perfect way to add a little shine without going too overboard.

milky white gold dot new years nails


Milky White New Year’s Eve Nails with Black and Gold Swirls

Black accents are back with this design idea. I love swirly lines and these nails don’t disappoint. This nail design is perfect for New Year’s!

black swirl new years eve nails


Nude Nails with Gold Sparkle Accents

Nude nails are always in style, so going with this shade is a great idea. adding in some sparkly accents is an even better idea for New Year’s.

sparkle accent nail ideas for new years eve


Silver Sparkle French Tips with Stars and Stones

I’m in love with this nail design! The rhinestones are so cute with the black stars and the silver sparkling French Tips are so pretty!

new years eve nails


Silver Chrome Ombre New Year’s Eve Nails

Chrome nails are a great way to add some shine this holiday. These ombre chrome nails are a cute way to incorporate chrome in a unique way!

ombre new years eve nails


Milky Nails with Gold French Tips and Line Accent

I love these sparkly French Tips because they’re so pretty and simple. This design with a line accent is a perfect New Year’s nail design.

french swirl new years eve nails


Nude Nails with Gold and White Lines

Nude nails are back and with a unique twist! These accent lines are a perfect way to add some character and shimmer to your New Year’s nails.

new years eve nails


Milky White nails with a Silver Outline

I love this unique design in these milky white nails. A silver outline is a great way to add some texture and shine to your manicure!

silver circle new years nails.


Copper Shimmer with Milky White Accent and Shimmery Stars

How perfect is this design for the New Year? Stars are such a huge hit this time of year and adding some shimmer to the design is even better!

copper and stars new years eve nails


Must-Have Nail Items

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must have nail items

This Post Had 21 Sparkly New Year’s Eve Nails That Are Super Trendy

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