Affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes That Are So Good

This post has affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes that are so pretty! These baroque-style mirrors look just like the original Gleaming Primrose Mirror, but they cost a lot less!

Affordable Anthropologie mirror dupes

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Affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

We all have different budgets, and sometimes we want to have the luxury look, but not pay the luxury price. If you love the Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror and want the look for less here are some dupes that are just as good at a much more affordable price point! To shop these mirrors you can click on any of the images.

Decor Trends Traditional Ornate Arch Wall Mirror

This ornate bronze wall mirror is so close to the Gleaming Primrose Anthropologie version. With the same beading texture and the ornate scroll at the top, no one will be able to tell a difference.

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Vintage Gold Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Anthropologie Mirrors in the bathroom can really make them look posh! But you don’t have to spend a fortune on a mirror to have an expensive look. This baroque-style mirror is a fraction of the cost of the Anthropologie Mirror and you get the exact same look!

Gold Bordeaux Ornate Leaner Mirror

This leaner mirror from Kirkland’s Home is a great Anthropologie Mirror Dupe! I love the squared-off arch on this style as well as the aged-looking bronze. A true luxury look for less!

Kate and Laurel Myrcelle Traditional Arched Mirror

Kate and Laurel mirrors are some of my favorites. They have so many amazing styles. This one is a beautiful option and would look so pretty in an entryway or above a fireplace. I love the simple elegance of this mirror!

Bridgitte Ornate Large Wall Mirror

This mirror is so good! I love the dark-aged bronze! The beading texture and the arched top make this mirror one of the best Anthropologie Mirror Dupes.

Arendahl Traditional Gold Arched Full-Length Mirror

If you need a full-length Anthropologie Mirror Dupe then this is for you. This mirror is beautiful and would look amazing in a bedroom or living room area. It will make any space look so much bigger and you can get a full-length view of any of your outfits with this option.

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Arendahl Traditional Retro Gold Arched Wall Mirror

I love this wide style of this Anthropologie Mirror dupe. This mirror would look amazing in a dining room or above a wide fireplace. The beaded texture around this mirror gives it those Anthropologie vibes and expensive taste.

Kate & Laurel Traditional Arch Mirror

Back with another Kate & Laurel option with this wide-style mirror. I love that this one is a bit more simple. It still has the ornate scroll at the top, but the rest of the frame is simple and the color is perfect. A great and affordable option for an Anthropologie Mirror dupe.

Christany Arch Metal Wall Mirror

This mirror from Wayfair is so good! I love the shape of this one as well as the details on the bottom. Wayfair has some great affordable mirrors, and if you want an Anthropologie look-alike, this one should be on your list!

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Classic Arched Vintage Style Gold Framed Mirror

Who knew that Home Depot could come in with an Anthropologie inspired mirror? This option is so good and affordable and I’m shocked that you can buy it at Home Depot!

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Round Vintage Antique Gold Mirror

For a round option of these Gleaming Primrose Anthropologie Mirror Dupes, this one is perfect. I love round mirrors and this one looks like a great option for an affordable designer look-alike.

Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

This post has affordable Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

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