Affordable Skims Dupes on Amazon

Affordable Skims Dupes on Amazon

Do you ever just want to wear the dress, but the unwanted bulges are holding you back? Do you want to just have underwear that feels like your skin, but better? Or are you stuck in a fashion rut and don’t know what to wear that is super flattering? Skims is a hot brand right now because it delivers that smooth outline, comfort, and versatility. Kim Kardashian knows what she’s doing when it comes to shapewear and style. She created Skims for every body type, and I’m going to show you how to get her amazing looks for less on Amazon! You know I love to save money where I can and these dupes are just like Skims, so you aren’t losing out on quality here. Click any of the pictures to shop these affordable inspired styles! In this post, I share Skims-inspired dresses, bodysuits, lounge sets, underwear, bras, tops, and shapewear!

Skims Inspired Dresses

These bodycon look-alike dresses are so sexy. There is no better way to show off your figure than a great Skims-inspired dress. I love that Kim uses a very neutral pallet for all of her clothes. That means that you can style these dresses however you want! You can add some strappy heels, a handbag, and some fun jewelry for an elegant look or you can throw on some sneakers and a denim jacket for a casual lunch with friends. I love how there are so many neckline options, so you can get exactly the look you want. These dresses are so versatile, and so affordable when you buy them on Amazon!

skims inspired dresses dress dupe

Skims Inspired Bodysuits

These Skims-inspired bodysuits are so incredibly trendy right now! They can be worn in so many ways and with so many options it’s hard to choose my favorite. You can style these with skirts, baggy pants, jeans, or shorts. Really any way you want! The possibilities are endless. These dupes come in three and four-packs that are cheaper than just one of the Skims bodysuits. The material for these bodysuits is smoothing and they even offer a little bit of tummy control so they are a no-brainer.

skims inspired bodysuit dupe

Skims Inspired Sets

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at home I live in loungewear. There is nothing better than finding something super comfortable, and super affordable. These Skims-inspired sets are perfect for hot summer days when you’re staying at home, watching movies or just hanging out. The material is super soft and you can even mix and match. I love that some of these look-alike styles come in neutral color pallets. You can’t beat being in the comfort of your home, wearing the most comfortable lounge sets. These sets would even make great workout clothes.

skims inspired loungewear sets dupe

Skims Inspired Underwear

The reviews for these underwear sets are in, and they are so good! They are super soft and buttery smooth. They’re seamless, they don’t show lines and they feel like you aren’t wearing anything (in a good way, LOL). They are the perfect alternative to Skims and are great for wearing underneath your Skims-inspired dresses for a no-show, seamless look.

skims inspired underwear dupe

Skims Inspired Bras

These bras are what I’m most excited about! There are so many options for every size cup. The material is super soft, they offer wire-free support and they’re super comfortable! Most of them also offer removable padding which I love. I also love how many strap options there are. It’s great for when you’re wearing a halter top, or a look-alike bodysuit that has one shoulder exposed. The best part of these dupes is that they are super affordable when you buy them in three and four-packs on Amazon.

skims inspired bra dupe

Skims Inspired Tops

There is nothing more versatile than a Skims inspired top! These tops are great all summer long and can be worn with basically anything. The best part is that the tanks come in a three-pack, so you are getting such a great value! I love the various neck-lines on the tanks and the ribbed material is buttery soft, and super forgiving of all your curves. They wash super well, so there’s no stress of ruining the soft material. The tees can be worn with leggings, or under Jumpsuits. These tops would even make great workout tops, and are even comfortable enough to sleep in! So much versatility, and style. They even come in way more colors than the Skims options.

skims inspired tops tees tanks dupe

Skims Inspired Shapewear

Shapewear is a hot seller these days. It’s such a great way to smooth out those curves and get that hourglass silhouette or the ever-famous Kim Kardashian booty. Skims is a popular option, but the price tag can get steep for some of her pieces. Of course, there’s Amazon to the rescue with these amazing dupes. I love that they come in so many neutral colors so that they can look like you’re wearing nothing. The absolute best part about these inspired pieces is that the material is amazingly soft and they are so comfortable for shapewear.

skims inspired shapewear dupe

I hope you found some new affordable Skims dupes from Amazon to be excited about! It’s always fun to save money on pieces that make you look and feel good about yourself. And shopping on Amazon could not be easier or faster.

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