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How I Healed My Maskne

My Sensitive Skin had a major reaction over the past few days. I think the combo of wearing a face mask (friction on my skin and heat/ moisture trapped inside the mask), stress, going off of my oral supplements, and the chemicals in a peel pad I used WAY too […]

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The Dermstore 20% Off Sale

Dermstore is one of my favorite online beauty retailers. They have such an amazing assortment of products from very high end ($$$) medical grade to affordable yet amazing products. Not every brand is on sale but it’s definitely worth checking if your favorites are because 20% off is a great deal!

Use the code SUMMER to save 20% off before 5/27/20!

Below are the items I love and a few I’ve been dying to try:

These are the brands that ARE NOT participating in the sale:

Let me know what you get!