The Benefits of Microcurrent Devices for Your Skin & Myolift QT Review

Have you ever tried microcurrent in your skincare routine? It is a great way to keep your face and jawline lifted and toned! In this post, I’m going to share everything you need to know about the benefits of at-home microcurrent and give you a demo on how to use it. I’ll also be reviewing the Myolift QT device below!

If you prefer to watch your reviews here’s a video for you:

What are the benefits of microcurrent?

Microcurrent technology uses small amounts of electricity to re-educate your muscles. It stimulates, tones, and strengthens your face, eyes, jawline, and neck muscles to bring back lost definition and it also has so many other benefits for your skin!

  • It Improves circulation- similar to my favorite machine, the high frequency wand, microcurrent gets the skins blood flowing and brings oxygen and other nutrients that our skin requires to remain healthy. As it continues to circulate, the blood also removes carbon dioxide and waste that your skin doesn’t need.
  • It helps to clear up and reduce acne. The renewed oxygenating process in the skin creates a unstable environment for bacteria to live in.
  • It reduces acne pock mark scarring by breaking up scar tissue.
  • It increases product penetration. Anything you put on your skin before you use your microcurrent device will be driven deeper into the skin. Applying your serums before you apply the conductivity gel will allow your skin to reap the full benefits of that serum. 
  • Microcurrent also increases your skins cellular energy which is helps to create collagen and elastin. It can actually rebuild your collagen and elastin production!
  • It’s great to use right before an event because it makes your skin look glowy and lifted.

I love that you can achieve all of those benefits from an at-home device! It’s like a non-invasive facelift and a great alternative to botox or filler.

Think of it as a gym for your face but better- the results are cumulative but you will see instant results after each use!

Can use microcurrent with botox and fillers?

Yes! They recommend that you wait 2 weeks after botox to do a treatment and 48 hours after fillers to avoid breaking them down. Though, microcurrent is also a great alternative to botox if you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge, or if you want to wean yourself off of it.

Microcurrent stimulates the muscles and activates them while Botox freezes the muscles. If you have just had Botox done in a certain area, you may need to avoid using microcurrent in that area, as it can start to undo the effect of Botox. However, if you are in the phase where the effect of Botox is running out, then microcurrent might be a better technology to use in that area to avoid usage of Botox altogether. It will take some time but your muscles will reactivate and help build tone and firmness, instead of getting more relaxed due to Botox. 

Do you need to do daily treatments of microcurrent to see results?

You can but you don’t need to if you work the whole area in one day. It’s good to take a day or two off to avoid muscle fatigue.  

Some other microcurrent brands recommend daily treatments for the first few months but Myolift recommends starting out 2-3 times per week for the first 3 months and then even less for your ongoing maintenance treatments. I prefer that!

Can I use other treatments with Microcurrent?

YES! Microcurrent is great when combined with other modalities like LED, Radio Frequency, Microneedling & more.

Will microcurrent make my jaw bigger?

I heard a myth that microcurrent can make the jaw area bigger… The muscles in our face are very delicate and they’re not going to bulk up from a microcurrent device. Think of it like this- we know that lifting weights actually helps your body slim and tone. “Bulking” your muscles at the gym is very challenging and requires using very heavy weights and a lot of protein… it’s even more challenging for your face. 

Exercising and re-educating your facial muscles simply allows them to hold themselves in a more distinguished way. This healthier hold in the muscle helps our skin fall in a more flattering way on our face. By regularly using microcurrent you will tighten your jaw and make it look more sculpted.

Can microcurrent replace areas where we have fat loss?

No, microcurrent cannot fill in the areas where you’ve experienced fat loss in your face but it can tighten the skin around the area and help to make it look less hollow. If you’re looking hollow I really recommend you check out fillers! I love filling the mid-face to restore your youthful appearance.

Who is NOT a candidate for microcurrent?

– If you are pregnant

– Have had heart surgery in the past year

– Have a pacemaker, metal implants, or screws

– Have had a recent facial operation or procedure

– All forms of “active” cancer (ok with approval from a doctor – No if currently on chemo or radiation) 

– If you have Epilepsy, Diabetes, Heart Condition 

– If you are using Retin-A (discontinue use three weeks prior to treatment)

– You CAN safely use microcurrent with metal dental work and face piercings

7E wellness Myolift QT microcurrent device

Now let’s get into the Myolift QT:

All Myolift devices are FDA cleared for use on the neck and above, even eyelids! *Although it’s important to note that you don’t want to use any microcurrent devices on your trachea or thyroid though so avoid the center of your neck. The thyroid is a gland responsible for producing hormones that have a direct influence on many functions of our body. Interfering with or disrupting the thyroid with microcurrent can result in various adverse symptoms from weight fluctuation, extreme fatigue and soreness of the body, and even fertility.

Depending on which Myolift QT device you buy, you may need to use it with their app. In the video above I show you what the app is like to use BUT Myolift just launched an app-free QT. I do like how the app guides you through the motions but once you get the hang of it you should be just fine without the tutorials.

I do appreciate that when you purchase the device you get access to an additional education portal online and they also have free webinars you can watch. They really want you to love your device and see results!

The app has 9 different protocols with treatments ranging from 2.5 minutes to 1 hour for a custom treatment. Most are 5-10 minutes. The custom lets you choose intensity, time, and which applicator you want to use.

What’s unique about the Myolift QT compared to other devices is that it can go up to 400 microamps! Many other devices that are purchased for at-home use don’t go up this high. 

The Myolift QT comes with some cool additions like hands-free masks, and you can purchase microcurrent gloves from their site. I absolutely LOVE the hands-free masks!

Myolift waveform settings

This is another unique feature of Myolift. They have two settings that are meant to be used on specific areas.

  • The stretch setting works to lengthen facial muscles beneath the skin. You use it on muscles that contract when used while you are showing emotion. Overuse of these muscles leads to smile lines, frown lines, bunny lines, crows feet or other areas that commonly show signs of aging on the face. The stretch setting lengthens these muscles, relaxing them and ultimately smoothing out the skin that lies above them. 
  • The lift setting works to shorten facial muscles beneath the skin. Use lift on muscles that seem to droop or lose laxity with age like the cheeks, jowls, eyelids, undereye and neck. The lift setting shortens these muscles and tightens them. 

If you are using MyoLift™ to treat muscles with the wrong setting, they may not be receiving the full benefit of their microcurrent facial. Because of this, it is important to identify and understand facial muscles that need shortening and facial muscles that need lengthening- this is where the tutorials come in handy.

7E wellness Myolift qt microcurrent Conductive Eye Mask
This is what the handsfree conductive eye mask looks like

My review of using the Myolift QT

I find that sometimes the gel dries up really fast. They say you can use anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon during treatment and it really just depends on how dry your skin is. 

It’s kind of hard to apply gel and keep up with the video so I like the idea of the jar packaging or using a brush and pumping out a lot of gel before I start the treatment.

The Myolift vibrates a lot. This is to show its conducting current and also when you take it off the skin and put it back on. This is to show you’re conducting again. Don’t be alarmed, this is normal!

You definitely look glowy and lifted immediately after use! 

I prefer to use the masks when I’m working at my desk because I don’t need to follow any tutorial- I just turn it on and go. I can also use my other apps on my phone while they’re running, which is very helpful. Now I wish they had a mask for the neck and jaw because that’s really one of the areas I want to tighten!  

I really like that I don’t have to use it every day like some of the other brands recommend.

I think my least favorite part is that you need to rinse off the gel. And I mean really RINSE it. It’s kind of hard to remove so I found that these came in handy!

What does microcurrent feel like?

It doesn’t hurt but there is a zappy feeling that is completely normal. If you’re getting zapped it could mean you’re using too much not enough gel or that your skin is dehydrated.

It’s normal to experience flashing is around your eyes and for it to taste metallic when it’s around your mouth. This is a ph reaction to the electrical current and doesn’t have anything to do with metal or fillings in your mouth, don’t worry.

Overall I really love using my Myolift QT! I feel like my jawline and cheekbones look very chiseled after I use it and I’m excited to see what I’ll look like after long-term use!

If you want to try Myolift you can get a discount with the code LAURENE!



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