How I Got Rid of The Parasites In My Body

I’ve been doing a parasite cleanse and have been passing the biggest parasites! I shared it on my Instagram and got so many DM’s with people asking how I did it, so I’ll cover everything in this post for you.

How I Got Rid of The Parasites In My Body

Before I get into my story I want to share a few other posts I’ve done with more details on How To Recognize & Treat Parasites, How to Open Your Detox Pathways, and Coffee Enemas. These posts go into much more detail on each topic than this one will. This post is more of my journey removing parasites and what I learned along the way.

This is a long story- I share parts of the health journey I went on after my miscarriage in January 2023. I wanted to get to the root cause of why I miscarried and some other health issues I was dealing with. It’s been a very long year (and very expensive LOL) and below is some of what I learned. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below or send me a message on Instagram @lauren.erro.

12 common symptoms of parasites

How Did I Know I Had Parasites?

I started hearing about parasites in Spring 2023- before that, I never knew it was a common thing that almost everyone has. I kept seeing posts like “you might have a parasite if___” And a lot of the symptoms were things I was dealing with.

  • I have been gaining weight and no matter what I would try could not lose it
  • I was struggling with acne- specifically little whiteheads all over and then the mild breakouts around my period
  • I have low progesterone and high estrogen
  • My joints always hurt

I went to a frequency doctor in June (Breathe of Life in Franklin, TN) and she used her woo-woo computer test to tell me that I have parasites and that I could get rid of them with the homeopathic drops she gave me. She was able to test for which specific parasites I had and prescribe me the proper supplement to get rid of them. She also told me the reason I couldn’t lose weight was because of the parasites and that they were causing my acne. It seemed so easy!

What’s weird is this doctor said my progesterone looked fine but the functional doctor I visited in April ran extensive labs and told me my progesterone was basically non-existent and likely the main reason I miscarried. I was a little conflicted on who to trust but I was hopeful about the parasite cleanse.

What Was The Detox Like?

I was VERY excited to start taking the supplements and hopefully experience some relief from my symptoms. I asked my doctor if I should expect any crazy detox symptoms and she said I’d probably be fine but message her if I experience any. So I jumped right in and began her protocol.

After a few weeks on the homeopathic detox (and thankfully not noticing any side effects), Steve and I left for our Europe vacation. I brought the supplements on vacation and was fine until the last few days when I started to have diarrhea every day. When I came home I got SO SICK- like for weeks. I went and saw my doctor again and she said I had Covid and the parasites were still in me and to keep going with the supplements. I asked if the supplements could be causing the diarrhea and she said probably not.

After a few weeks of being sick, I was feeling defeated. I was extra emotional and frustrated- this was the second time I was sick that year and I used to NEVER to get sick.

I noticed a lot of people mentioned that you could pass parasites in your stool but I was looking at mine daily and never saw any.

One of my girlfriends does parasite cleanses regularly and recommended I try an enema. I was very hesitant to try one (I mean, you have to stick a tube up your butt and flush everything out…?).

But in September, I tried it. I did my first water enema and still didn’t pass anything! I was feeling discouraged and thought maybe all this woo-woo stuff was a scam. Until later that day I felt the urge to go to the bathroom and nothing came out except this red parasite!!! I was so excited!

How to get rid of parasites
This was the first parasite I passed!

My First Colonic

I went to visit my parents in San Diego and decided to try a colonic and see if any more would come out. I had no idea what to expect- I was somewhat mortified that another person would put a tube in me and watch me basically poop myself for 45 minutes.

Well, if you’re also curious, no- I put the tube in myself and it’s disposable so they use a new one each time. Once the tube was placed (it goes in your butt, btw), they come back in and show you how to use the massage gun all over your abdomen. She said I was VERY bloated and was optimistic that I would love my results.

I couldn’t see in the tube of the colonic so I’m not sure if any more parasites came out but I did feel incredibly light afterward. If you’ve never done an enema or a colonic I highly recommend them. They aren’t gross, I promise- but they do provide a ton of relief!

Then I switched Frequency Doctors

I ended up switching frequency doctors in November because I wasn’t seeing as many results as I was hoping for. I actually gained more weight! I lost that one parasite and my whiteheads got better, but that was about it. I know that holistic health can take a while, especially since our bodies hold on to stress, trauma, and emotions which could slow down our healing process, but I gave my first doctor 5 months and a lot of money, I wanted to see more results so I looked for someone new. I now go to Keystone Total Health in Columbia, Tn.

I should also mention that I switched to a Gonstead chiropractor, Evergreen Chiropractic, in August and my joint pain has improved a lot since then! This is an entirely different chiropractic approach than I’ve ever seen and I HIGHLY recommend it.

How I got rid of my parasites

Takesumi soaks up heavy metals, calms upset stomach, and absorbs mycotoxins, endotoxins, and biotoxins. There are many other binders you can use like Bentonite Clay, Fulvic & Humid Acid, Zeolite, etc. This is just what my dr. prescribed for me!

What Did I Do Next?

The new frequency doctor told me that my progesterone was low and that is one of the reasons I can’t lose weight. He also told me my liver was congested and I needed to work on my detox pathways. He did bloodwork and determined that I have Hashimotos and my thyroid is likely impacting all of the functions in my body.

He recommended lymphatic drainage, dry brushing, Milk Thistle tea, Dandelion tea, coffee enemas, ionic foot soaks, sweating, and more supplements. He also recommended a low-inflammatory diet- cut out dairy, gluten, and sugar.

I asked him if he could see any parasites and he didn’t say yes or no. He told me that not all parasites are bad and if my detox pathways aren’t open then getting rid of parasites could cause more issues. Parasites hold onto heavy metals and protect them from getting into your body. I was surprised to hear this since my previous frequency doctor didn’t have me doing any work on my detox pathways. That could be why I got so sick when I was in Europe!

After seeing him for 3 months, working on my detox pathways, and doing the low-inflammatory diet all of January he said I do have parasites and my body is ready to expel them. He made me a specific homeopathic to treat them. It has Microbajen, Cryptolepsis, and Black Cumin Seed Oil. *Please don’t try to recreate this at home, this was made specifically for what my body needed at the time.

After taking this supplement for 1 week I passed another long parasite in my poop!

Ropeworm parasite
My dr. said this is a Ropeworm

What should you do to prepare for getting rid of parasites?

  1. Open your detox pathways before you start any sort of detox.
  2. Cut out the parasites favorite foods
  3. Incorporate water & coffee enemas into your routine.
  4. Check your poop every time but also know that some parasites are microscopic and you won’t see them at all! That doesn’t mean you aren’t passing them.

Eliminating Parasites

The good news is that parasites are easy to treat with supplements- you don’t need any fancy prescriptions or devices. I was given specific supplements from my frequency doctors, but if you’re interested in trying a detox without spending a ton of money on visiting a doctor or getting specific testing done there are other options. I’ve heard AMAZING things about THIS TEST. I’ve ordered it for my husband and will update this post after he’s completed his cleanse.

How do I feel after passing a few parasites?

The day I passed the second long one my stomach hurt all day. After I passed it it stopped hurting. I have also been using a tongue scraper for years and always had a white layer of gunk to remove every morning. I no longer have that white layer when I scrape! This could also be from a yeast overgrowth in my body that is being healed from opening my detox pathways.

Lauren Erro parasite detox
This is the 3rd parasite I passed!

I’ve been on the new parasite detox supplements from my doctor for almost a month and I was getting a lot of stomach aches, this isn’t normal for me. He said it could be from the alcohol in the tincture and I can dilute it with warm water. Besides that, I don’t feel any different yet but I’ll update you as I experience changes.

I visited my doctor this week he switched up my parasite tincture supplement. I haven’t had as many stomach issues. I also passed another long parasite after taking the new supplement for 5 days!

How Igot rid of my parasites
My new supplement has Rosemary (and tastes MUCH better)

What’s next?

I’ll continue to take the supplements my doctor gives me and will update here as I see results.

I’m optimistic about my holistic health journey and am excited to see where it takes me. Hopefully, I’ll have an update on weight loss and a healthy pregnancy soon!

If you have any questions leave them below.



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