34 Disney Villains Nail Ideas

This post is all about the ones you love to hate (or hate to love!). Over 30 Disney Villains Nail Ideas that are creative, scary, and downright mean. From the incredibly fabulous Maleficent to the arrogant Gaston and everyone in-between there is so much villain nail inspiration here for your next villainous manicure.

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Disney Villains nail ideas

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Disney Villains Nail Ideas

Welcome to our enchantingly wicked world of Disney Villains Nail Ideas! If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent countless hours marveling at the dark charisma of Maleficent, the devious charm of Ursula, or the sly elegance of Cruella de Vil. Join us as we delve into the realm of nail art inspired by the most iconic antagonists in Disney history. From Maleficent’s menacing horns to Ursula’s tentacle-tastic designs, we’ve got the ultimate guide to infusing your manicure with a dash of villainous flair. So, whether you’re plotting world domination or just want to express your love for these captivating characters, grab your polish, and let’s dive in!

Black and White Villains

For a basic baddie, go with a simple and powerful monochrome black-and-white villain design.

Source @beckyboo_nails2go

Villain Foreheads

It’s amazing that you can tell exactly what villain it is just by creating the tops of their heads. This design is simple and villainous.

Source via @lou.murphy_

Intricate Almond Nails

These villain faces tell more tales than one. These fabulous female characters are evil to the core.

Source via @leafgelusa

Ursula Nails

Ursula and Her Minions

Flotsam and Jetsam are the sidekicks of the infamous Ursula. This nail art reveals their sinister faces throughout The Little Mermaid.

Source via @kellyohstein

Ursula’s Tentacles

The most iconic villain who uses her tentacles as weapons of destruction. Ursula’s tentacles are a devious and awesome-looking manicure.

Source via Pinterest

Ursula in Purple Matte

Playing with the finishes of your manicure makes everything pop just a little more. This matte effect next to some glittery nails is easy and alluring.

Source via @nails.by.liv

Gaston Nails

I’ve Got Biceps to Spare!

We love to hate him and we love his arrogance. Gaston is a villain we will never forget.

Source via @hannah_nails_it

Gaston’s Biceps

That cocky grin and those swoony arms. Gaston hits the nail on the head nearly every time.

Source via @nailsmagazine

A Faceless Gaston

Rotten to the core, this faceless Gaston reveals his true villainous side.

Source via @tammy_ralff

Scar Nails

Smug Scar Nails

Truly evil and truly smug, this nail art is realistic and captures the elements of this evil villain.

Source via @nna_naomynailart_official

Disgusted Scar

The anger on villains faces when things don’t quite go their way.

Source via @tenshi.nailsart

Black and White Scar

An evil and genius nail design that actually looks chic.

Source via @leszarts_de_marie

Oogie Boogie Nails

Oogie Boogie is a villainous bag of bugs and this nail art is truly eerie.

Source via @nna_naomynailart_official

Oogie Boogie Black and Green

Roll the dice and gamble with your life with this Oogie Boogie nail art.

Source via Pinterest

Yzma Nails

There’s no mistaking her frail frame and her long lashes in this glittery nail art design.

Source via @gaebrael

Yzma Glitter Nails

Disney Villains Nail Ideas are great when you combine them with chic colors, like this Yzma accent nail.

Source via @nna_naomynailart_official

Cruella Nails

Evil By Design

She’s fabulous and evil by design but that doesn’t make her the nice guy.

Source via hannah_nails_it

Chic Cruella Dalmation Dots

Her obsession with black and white fur coats and chic fashion know no bounds.

Source via Pinterest

Cruella De Vil French Tips

Chic and classy, just like the villain herself. This nail art is designed to wow.

Source via Pinterest

Maleficent Nails

Her beautiful face is recognizable and beautiful in this accent nail art.

Source via @nna_naomynailart_official

Stone Cold Nail Design

Just like her fortress, these Stony nails are cold and eerie.

Source via @nonaphilippa

Maleficent’s Side Kick

Diaval is a raven and Maleficent’s confidant, and this design showcases the evil bird with the famous villain.

Source via @loveurban_naildesign

Captain Hook Nails

Hooked On You!

Easily one of the most comedic villains, we are definitely hooked on Captain Hook.

Source via @hannah_nails_it

Tick-Tock the Croc

Tick-Tock the Croc with Captain Hook gives us all the evil heart eyes!

Source via Pinterest

Evil Queen Nails

Source via Pinterest

Poison Apple?

Evil Queen’s poison apple is an evil icon of its own, and this nail art is pure poison.

Source via @nailsbyhannahcaval

Jafar Nails

Source via @giulisnails

Iago, Jafar, and his Evil Staff

This legendary antagonist is rotten and evil with an equally evil sidekick. Iago give us so many evil feels.

Source via @salondebellezadimao

Hades Nails

Source via Pinterest

Blowing Hades

No Disney Villains Nail Ideas list would be complete without Hades blowing out his fingers.

Source via @house4ladies

Hades with his Sidekicks

Pain and Panic are the iconic sidekicks of the legendary and sinister Hades. The blue flames, the greek designs and the elaborate art of these nails is to die for.

Source via Pinterest

Queen Of Hearts Nails

Like the rest of Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts is completely mad. Shes obsessed with roses and has card minions to do her bidding.


Source via Pinterest

Classy Queen of Hearts

Just because shes crazy doesn’t mean she can’t make a fabulous inspired nail design.

Source via @loveleenailz_

She’s Painting the Roses Red

The white ones won’t do, but this manicure art isn’t worth a beheading.

Source via @kino705

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This Post Has 34 Disney Villains Nail Ideas

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