Awesome Backyard Party Games For Summer

There’s something magical about bringing people together under the open sky, whether it’s a lively barbecue, a laid-back picnic, or just a hot summer day. These Awesome Backyard Party Games are sure to be a hit for any get-together you have planned this summer. These outdoor party games are easy to set up and can entertain younger children, teens, and adults.

Awesome Backyard Party Games For Summer

So, dust off your lawn chairs, fire up the grill and prepare to spend time with family and friends with laughter, friendly rivalry, and fun. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a neighborhood block party, or a casual get-together with friends, let me help you find the best outdoor party games and unlock the secrets to creating unforgettable moments this season. Here are the best Backyard Party Games!!

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Awesome Backyard Party Games

Ladder Toss

Ladder Toss (or ladder golf) is a fun game played in rounds where each round consists of all players (or teams) tossing 3 bolas each. The goal of the game is to score exactly 21 points first. You could DIY this Backyard Party Games using PVC pipes and golf balls, or just purchase on Amazon and save some time. This game is great for groups and you can divide teams up any way you’d like!


Corn hole is a classic outdoor party game that involves 2 cornhole boards and eight bean bags. Players take turns throwing a single bean bag at the opposite cornhole board until they have each thrown all four of their bags. The object of the game is to try to put the cornhole bag through the hole of the cornhole board all four times, during your turn. It’s a lot harder than it sounds! This game is lots of fun for all party guests and skill levels.


This is a perfect game for your next party. Darts is an easy game to learn how to play, but the real strategy comes with learning how to throw the dart perfectly. Each player begins with either 501 or 301 points and gets three darts per turn. Switching off, players throw their three darts at the board one at a time and try to rack up points. At the end of your turn, add the points earned and subtract them from your total. Players continue until they reach zero.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball (or lawn bowling) is a game that the whole family can enjoy. It is a simple game that is played between two teams. Each team plays with four bocce balls that are differentiated by color. The goal of the game is to roll your team’s bocce balls closer to the pallino–the smaller target ball–than the other team’s bocce balls. Points are scored after all balls have been thrown. The team with a ball closest to the pallino is the only team scoring in that frame. The scoring team receives one point for each of their balls that are closer to the pallino than the other team’s closest ball.

Lawn Dice

Lawn dice can give you hours of fun for your next outdoor party. Kids of all ages can have fun rolling the large dice and playing a classic game like Yahtzee, 21, Snake Eyes, or Farkle. This is definitely a fun one to add to your Backyard Party Games.

Kan Jam

This fun outdoor game is the backyard version of frisbee golf. KanJam is a partner game, with teammates standing opposite each other at separate cans. One teammate throws the Frisbee/disc towards their partner, with the goal being to either make it in the open top, or for their teammate to bat the Frisbee down into the can. Points are awarded for various scenarios of hitting the side/making it into the can. The game goes to 21 points.


Spikeball is a great game that uses plastic balls and a round net. If you’ve got a group of 4 friends, a Spikeball net and ball, and a lot of space, you’ve got the perfect setup for Spikeball. This fun, athletic game will have you running all over your yard to set, spike, and bump the ball back onto the net.

Giant Jenga

Jenga is a classic party game using stacked wooden blocks to create a tower. There’s nothing quite like the tension and drama of plucking the trickiest of Jenga blocks from the precarious tower. The sweet relief of a successful turn, the glorious destruction when it all comes tumbling down. It’s easy to see why Jenga is such a classic, DIY a tower or buy one of the giant towers on Amazon for a destructive day of fun and tumbling.


Horseshoes is a popular game that the whole family can enjoy. It’s very easy to play and is one of the best outdoor games! It is typically played with a pit but can be set up and played anywhere. Set up is fairly easy and this game can entertain your guests for hours!

9 square in the air

This DIY game is put together using PVC pipes (you can also buy kits on Amazon). It’s played with a playground ball and gameplay is similar to four square – but more intense and in the air! This is a perfect game for larger groups and an instant hit with teenagers.

Lawn Twister

Outdoor Twister is a great game for younger kids and is so much fun to watch! Using spray paint to paint different colors of circles on the lawn for a game board is a perfect way to get this game going. The first person to fall loses and the game continues until only one man is standing (or twisted up)!

Water Balloon Toss

This fun lawn game is cheap and easy to play! All you need is water balloons and beach towels (you can use a backyard volleyball net – but it’s not necessary). This fun backyard game is way more fun than a plain old water balloon fight. Kids have to work together to make it work, instead of just pelting each other, so there are fewer hard feelings. And since the balloons are getting tossed back and forth (instead of thrown as hard as possible), there’s less chance of anyone getting hurt. Here is a great tutorial on how to play!

More Backyard Party Games and Activities

Tug of War – This traditional game can be played with just a simple rope​. You could have prizes for the winners!

Relay Races​ – This is a fun way to get all of the family members involved! It’s a great way to enjoy friendly competition. You could do a bunch of different varieties of races to keep things interesting.

Hula Hoops – Having hula hoops can be a fun way to teach kids a new skill and have a friendly competition.

Scavenger Hunt – A scavenger hunt is an awesome way to keep the kids entertained. There are cute printables you can buy to make things so much easier, or you can get creative and do something yourself.

Sack Races – If you want a good laugh, sac races are a must! All you need is a sac race kit to get started and enjoy the show!

Obstacle Course – A fun obstacle course is a great way to help kids get their wiggles out and blow off some steam. You could go to a local park or use boxes and strings to create something in your own backyard!

Giant Bubbles – have a friendly competition to see who can make the biggest bubble using giant bubble wands!

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