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I tried brow lamination on my thick, coarse brows…

Have you heard of brow lamination? It’s basically a brow perm (like lash perm) where you brush your brows up and perm them into place. This is a trend that popped up a few years ago and I was pretty skeptical. Especially since my brow hairs are very thick and coarse, Most brow gels won’t hold them up so I didn’t expect this to work for me.

I filmed a video with my brow lamination review- check it out below!

This is a pain-free, inexpensive option to make your brows look bigger and thicker. You can add in a brow tint afterward and you’ll look like a whole new person!

My final thoughts on brow lamination

After having my brows laminated for 2 weeks I can honestly say I wouldn’t do it again. I miss my brows feeling smooth and the sparse areas not being highlighted because the hairs are brushed up and no longer cover them. Brow lamination made my brows feel like I have a ton of brow gel in them- ALL THE TIME. I don’t know if this is just because I have thick coarse hair or if it’s because I did it wrong but I miss my old brows 😭. Fortunately, brow lamination isn’t permanent, once this current brow cycle ends and these hairs fall out I will have my old brows back.

The before (top), immediately after (middle), and next day (bottom- I trimmed one side for comparison)

HERE is the Brow Lamination Kit I used. I also use a brow and lash serum from Lilash– I have a discount code for 20% off- LAURENERRO20

I found a drugstore dupe for the Anastasia brow wax that actually works on my brows! It’s only $6 and I apply it with a spoolie!

I hope you found this brow lamination review helpful!

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