21 Gorgeous Winter Nail Ideas

This post has 21 Winter Nail ideas that are sparkly and super trendy! Winter is a time to make a statement, and you can go all-out on your nail designs with these winter-inspired nail ideas. If you’re looking for the best winter nail designs to show your nail artists or try at home then keep reading! 

Winter Nail Ideas

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If you don’t want to commit to going to the nail salon or paying outrageous prices, there are some amazing press-on nail options here. Find more cute ideas towards the end of this post!

21 Winter Nail Ideas

Rose-Gold Glitter & Milky Nails with Snowflakes

These Rose-Gold glitter nails are so pretty for winter. Milky nails are so trendy right now and they look so good in a pink hue paired with glitter and snowflake accents. You can use gold or silver glitter to get this nail look. 

Black Glitter With White Snowflakes

Black nails can look so classy during the winter months if you do them right! A glitter overlay and some snowflake accents are the perfect touch to these winter nails. You can use any dark colors to achieve this look. 

Chrome Icy Pink Swirls

These Icy pink chrome swirl nails are so pretty. I love how chrome nails catch the light and adding a swirly touch gives them a unique winter vibe. These would also be cute for Valentine’s Day!

Pink with Rhinestones and Snowflakes

I love the length of these Pink glittery nails. The rhinestones make a great texture difference to these sparkly winter nails. How lovely is the snowflake detail on these nails?

Grey Glitter Nails

Grey is a great moody shade for the winter months. Some of the best winter nail ideas have shades of grey in them. I love how simple these grey glitter nails are, they definitely give off a cozy vibe. 

Icy Blue French Tip

Light, icy blues automatically make me feel winter vibes. These icy blue French tips are the color of the season and they are perfect this season. The clean line of this french tip is stunning.

Milky Pink with Sparkle Accents

Milky nails are really popular right now. I really love this pink version with some added sparkle. There is no reason why you can’t wear these pink nails all year round!! This simple design will definitely help with those winter blues. 

Foggy Winter Forest Nails

These foggy forest nails remind me of a winter snowstorm. They are an adorable way to celebrate the cold winter months! This is the ultimate winter manicure! 

Milky White with Gold Sparkles

If you need longer, and more sophisticated winter nail ideas these milky white nails are the perfect shade of white and the gold flecks give them the perfect amount of sparkle. Try this for your next mani.

Light Blue Sweater Pattern with Snowflakes and Sparkle

Sweater nails are so fun for this time of year! these gold sparkle nails with blue accents make a great winter manicure, and the length is perfect. The best part of this mani is the texture! It’s so unique. 


Soft Gold Duo-chrome

I love nails that catch the light and change shades! These soft gold duo-chrome nails make the perfect statement for the winter months! This sparkly look takes your mani to the next level. 


Baby Pink Tones with Snowflakes, Stripes, and Glitter

How fun is this pink manicure!? There’s a lot going on here, but I love that it all looks cohesive, and the color is so pretty for this time of year.


Sparkly Blue Swirls

These nails are so fun and interesting. They are the perfect statement winter nails. This would be so easy to create on yourself with just a few swipes of a thin brush for a very impactful look.


French Ombre with Snowflake and Glitter Accents

Ombre nails always seem to catch my eye. The ombre on this nail idea is subtle but perfect for the winter, especially with the glitter and snowflakes. This set would look great on all skin tones. I love the subtle ombre effect. 


Icy Blue Glitter

There is something about these icy blue glitter nails that makes me want some hot cocoa and to sit and watch a Hallmark movie. Thes nails are simple and beautiful for the winter months.


Pink Shades with Snowflakes

I love pink for winter this year! Light shades of pink with snowflake accents are a great way to celebrate the season. 


Icy Blue Ombre with Snowflakes

These icy blue ombre nails are so pretty and festive. I love how every nail is the same with different snowflake designs on each one. 


Reverse French Tips

Reverse French tip nails are a thing this year, and this icy blue version is a hit for winter! Adding in a little snowflake accent nail and there isn’t a better look this winter season.


Stars & Stripes – Winter Style

I love star designs so much! This winter stars and stripes design on milky white nails is so pretty for a winter manicure.


Milky Nails with Snow Scene Accents

This nail design reminds me of sledding! The pillowy snow piles paired with snowflakes and milky white glitter make this winter nail idea whimsical and classy at the same time.


Matte Black with Gold Glitter Designs

Gold and black are classy shades that can be a hit for the winter months. I love how these nails only incorporate a few tones, but they mix it up with mattes and sparkles for visually perfect winter nails.


Winter Press on Nail Options

I love press-on nails! They are easy to apply, they last a long time, and they are super affordable. They are the perfect way to get cute winter nails without spending a ton at a salon. 

Here are some super cute holiday press-on nail options:

These limited edition KISS press-on nails. are a great length and the shape is perfect!

KISS gel fantasy press on nails

I love the color of these Glamnetic press-on nails for a winter manicure!

These holographic silver press-on nails from OPI are so pretty! I love OPI press on nails for winter nail ideas!

Winter Nail Must-Have Products

Here are the tools and products that I swear by to keep my nails healthy and in great shape. I like to do my own manicures at home, and these products do the trick to make my manicures last! Click the picture for the links!

must have nail items

I hope you found some nail trends that you love in this post about winter nail ideas! 

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