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  1. IM GOING TO MISS YOU!!! But best of luck in your endeavors. You are such an inspiration & go kill it in Nashville!

  2. STOP IT!! I am so excited for you guys!! Also moving tip 101.. just donate everything to me so you don’t have to take it lol just kidding!

  3. Ahhh! You are going to love it! I’m from San Diego area. My husband is military and we currently live in North Carolina and I couldn’t be more happier. I love it out here. People are nicer, less traffic, more affordable, quiet, small town feel. Excited to see your journey! Hope everything goes smooth for you and you travel safe!

  4. OMG!!!!! Lauren & Stevie!!!!!! I am BEYOND HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR YOU BOTH!!!!! You’re both young with everything ahead of you in life and take this incredible opportunity and squeeze all of the gusto out of it! I can see that you really are both excited and that is what’s most important, especially in the beginning of all of this. So keep that fire and everything will fall into place. Nashville is hopping and it is full and I mean full of bloggers Lauren so you will fit right in sweet girl! I wish I was there to help you! Can’t wait to go on this journey with y’all! Congratulations Stevie Erro (in the words of Cheryl) HaHa!! Love you guy’s!!!????????????????????