What I Bought From Amazon During Quarantine

I love it when people share their Amazon purchases and I’ve definitely been ordering more than usual while quarantined, so, I’ve created this post so you can see everything I’ve purchased and why.

To be honest, I did NOT think quarantine would last this long. I was definitely in denial the first week and I barely worked out. The second week I went to do an at-home Pilates class and realized that I apparently I didn’t bring my yoga mat with me during our move to Nashville (7 months ago- LOL that it took me this long to notice). So I had to buy a new one and I decided to get one with extra padding. It’s amazing and I will probably never use a regular thin yoga mat again!

I’ve been using press-ons since October and actually really like them! More on that here. My friend shared these glue-ons and I had to try them because they looked so beautiful on her! I’m glad I did. These are by far the best glue-ons I’ve tried. They are stunning and they lasted forever! So many of my friends and followers purchased them and agree they are AMAZING!

I’ve been using velvet hangers for years and I purchased more because I’m trying to get Steve to make the switch from his plastic ones. I love them because they’re so thin and they really free up space in your closet. Also, your clothes don’t slide off of them easily. I purchased some a few months ago that weren’t the full triangle shape (the bottom was open) and I found them to be too flimsy for my liking so I tried these. They’re GREAT! Very strong and the best price I saw online!

I love caffeine but don’t always want coffee so I mix it up with Matcha, Yerba Mate, and Black Spice tea. I received a sample of this matcha last year and loved it! I’ve purchased a few Matcha brands from Amazon and they were a bit bitter but this one isn’t! I also love how they donate 5% of their profits to charity.

If you’re new here (hi!) you should know that I shave my face every 1-2 weeks. I use and love Tinkle razors (use on clean, dry skin, and shave against the hair) but have noticed that lately shaving causes me to break out on my jawline. I purchased this electric shaver to trim the hairs there and hopefully not break me out. I tried it once so far and was impressed!

Right before quarantine started I was doing a new workout that included running. I never considered myself to be a runner but I really enjoyed the classes and realized maybe I don’t hate running as much as I thought. Since gyms are closed, I started jogging around my neighborhood. It made me realize that a lot of my workout pants aren’t jogger friendly (ahem, Fabletics). I purchased a pair of these leggings in bright blue 5 years ago at TJ Maxx and they are by far my favorite workout pants. They are high waisted and stay in place! I’ve been wanting them in black and finally, after cleaning out my workout clothes drawer, I ordered them. They are almost the same as my old pair! Very high waisted and really hold in your stomach!

I’m always on the hunt for a sunscreen that works well under makeup, isn’t too heavy, isn’t drying, and has no white cast. I’ve been seeing this one all over other skincare blogs and since I’m working on my SPF blog post I decided I have to try it!

I try to like electric toothbrushes but I just can’t get into them. I’ve tried four different types and still always prefer my manual one (does anyone like that vibrating feeling in their mouth first thing in the morning?!). These are great, they come in chic colors (I use the rose gold and gold and Steve uses silver and blue).

Maca is a new supplement to me and I’m so excited to try it! It has a lot of amazing benefits and it’s been proven to increase your sex drive, boost your mood, increase energy, decrease anxiety and depression, and improve memory! It also fights free radicals and reduces sun damage.

Who doesn’t love a cool new kitchen gadget? I make ground meat a few times a month and dread it every time because I can never get the meat into small pieces! It’s always big chunks. I found this on Amazon and can’t wait try it!

This is a repurchase (3rd time!). I really like magnesium to help me fall asleep at night and stay “regular” the next day. It works VERY WELL. LOL TMI?

I purchased these right before quarantine started and I LOVE them. They hold your hair back while you do your makeup and don’t leave a crease like other hair clips do.

This is another supplement restock. I love Evening primrose and I ran out right as I was PMSing before my last period. I had a BAD hormonal breakout and attributed it to shaving my face, not using my high-frequency device after like I usually do, and not having my evening primrose supplements. In case you couldn’t tell, supplements are a big part of my routine- if you want more info about everything I take click here!

I think I have a slight case of carpal tunnel in my phone holding hand. I ordered these wraps to wear when it acts up. I like them because they are adjustable and it comes with two straps (one for each wrist) but also, it reminds me to be more conscientious about how I’m holding my phone and turning my wrist.

I ordered the Kiss Falscara Lifting Wisps to compare to the Volumizing wisps I used in this video. Falscara is the first “dupe” for the expensive Lashify long-wearing DIY lash extensions, so of course I had to do a comparison video. What I discovered were the Falscara Volumizing wisps are pretty but not as curled as Lashify. If I never tried Lashify I’d probably love the Falscara so I thought the lifting wisps would be a better comparison on my straight lashes. They weren’t. I still prefer Lashify. I also tried the Moitie Cosmetics Lash extension system last week and it was a complete nightmare! If you’re looking for a great at-home lash system, stick to Lashify.

Those are all of my quarantine Amazon purchases (so far). What have you bought during quarantine? Let me know in the comments!



Love Lauren

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  1. Have you tried using the falsacara kit with other (your fav pair;) lash styles,outside the ones made for the kit? I have heard great things but only when using semi and/or wispys,or the persons personal fav. lash. If you have the full kit it wouldnt hurt to try! I’d love to hear your thoughts on that! ♡

    1. Hey Megan, I haven’t tried that yet! I find that the glue with falscara wasn’t as long wearing as lashify, and I prefer the Lashify applicator (though, I think they changed it to the mascara wand since I purchased mine?). I think I will try this though because why not?! Thank you!