Healthy Hair Must Haves

Healthy hair must haves

My top healthy hair must haves & the order I use them:

Shower Filter:

Unless you have a water softener installed for your entire house, you NEED a shower filter! Hard water wreaks havoc on your hair health and color! I replace the filter every 3 months.


Did you know there is a right way to shampoo your hair? Especially if you tend to get greasy very quickly after washing. A few of my top tips:

Double Cleanse- meaning wash with shampoo twice:

  • 1. Shampoo to break up dirt and product. First shampoo should not be super foamy.
  • 2. Shampoo again. It should foam up, this is actually the cleansing step.

Use clarifying shampoo every few washes (not every wash!!)

Don’t use hydrating or creamy shampoos- they make your hair greasy faster

My top two favorite clean shampoos:

Evolvh (code LAUREN15 saves you 15%) – I use the Ultra Shine Moisture Shampoo (I didn’t love their conditioner or hair mask so I don’t recommend the bundle).

Rahua – I like the Classic Shampoo from them.

Clarifying Shampoo I love:

Unite– The Weekender. It isn’t “clean” but it works so well and smells amazing!


I’m super picky with conditioner and have only found one clean brand that I love. Condition your ends and bring the leftover product up to root.

Rahua – I like their Classic Conditioner


Always brush your conditioner through your hair in the shower. I use a very specific brush because it’s gentle and is meant to work on wet hair. Start at the ends of your hair and work up to your scalp. By the time the brush makes it up to your scalp a lot of the conditioner will be gone- a tiny bit of conditioner on your roots is ok just don’t load it up there. I leave this brush in my shower and use a different one for styling.


I’m super picky with what towels I’ll use on my hair. Because my hair is so thick, if the towel isn’t very absorbent it will take all day for my hair to air dry. I love this towel because it is extremely soft and absorbent. It gets a lot of the water out and isn’t damaging if you tousle it through your hair.

Detangling Spray/ Heat Protectant

This is a must in anyone’s routine. The more gentle you can be on your hair the better! What’s great is most detangling sprays contain heat protectants so it’s a 2-in-1 step.

Evolvh (code LAUREN15 saves you 15%)– Smart Start Leave-In Conditioner. I love how this one sprays & smells.

Rahua– Rahua Hydration Detangler + UV Barrier

Unite 7 Seconds (not clean) – I used this for years and it’s definitely the best of all 3. It isn’t clean so I’ve been experimenting with other brands but if you have super tangly or weak hair, I recommend this one the most.


I use this brush when I’m out of the shower. It’s great at detangling and it works well on wet or dry hair.

Blow Dryer

I let my hair air dry as long as possible before I go in with heat. My favorite blow dryer is another 2-in-1 product that brushes as it dries. It gives you the sleekest blowout.

Curling Iron

I’ve used the most expensive brands and keep coming back to THIS ONE. I have them in multiple sizes- my most commonly used is my 1.5 inch for loose waves but I also love my 1.25 for curlier hair days. See my full hair curling routine HERE– That post has more styling product recommendations.

Dry Shampoo

I rarely use dry shampoo- I’d rather wash my hair BUT if I’m in a hurry I do have a few favorites.

Acure– This is a powder/non-aerosol dry shampoo and it works so well! It doesn’t feel like anything in your hair. It also comes in white or light brown for brunettes.

Amika– Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo (the original one- not extended!!). This is the cleanest aerosol I’ve found. It works so well in my hair and doesn’t feel thick or gross.

Hope you love these healthy hair must haves as much as I do!

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Healthy hair must haves



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