Sephora Spring Sale 2020 – Dates, Discount Codes, & My Recommendations

Sephora always leaves us wondering… WHEN IS THE NEXT BIG SALE? We all know it’s coming because they always have their big Spring & Fall sales (and the last two years had an extra is added in the summer).

If you’re reading this it’s because you’re a beauty junkie like me and we look forward to the Sephora VIB sales so we can stock up on favorites and try the new releases at a discount. I love taking advantage of the sale to grab my favorites that are only sold at Sephora or the brands’ websites- I prefer Sephora because if the products don’t work I can easily return them.

The Sephora spring sale dates are LIVE!

Here’s everything you need to know about the next Sephora Spring VIB sale:

The Sephora Spring VIB Sale is always exclusive to Beauty Insiders only:

The Sephora Spring 2020 VIB Sale will be exclusive to the members of their Beauty Insider reward program. The Beauty Insider program has three tiers: Beauty Insider, VIB, and VIB Rouge.

Beauty Insider:

  • This is the membership tier that everyone starts off as. There is no yearly spend requirement and all you need to do is sign up with your email either in-store or online.
  • With every purchase, you’ll accumulate points to work towards the next tier level and that you can redeem for deluxe samples and a birthday gift.


  • Members must spend $350 in a calendar year to reach VIB status and must spend $350 each calendar year to maintain their status.
  • When you have achieved VIB status, you accumulate points at 1.25 points per $1, are able to redeem points for full-size products, and so much more. The deluxe samples and birthday gifts are included too!

VIB Rouge:

  • Members must spend $1000 in a calendar year to reach VIB Rouge status and must spend $1000 each calendar year to maintain their status.
  • When you have reached VIB Rouge, you earn points at a rate of 1.5 points per $1, get free flash 2-day shipping, have early access to products and events, are able to redeem points for full-size products, AND can redeem points for a $100 reward. Again, you can get deluxe samples and birthday gifts as a VIB Rouge.

Not a Beauty Insider? What are you waiting for?! It’s free to sign up and the perks are awesome. Plus, going back to the point of this post – you need to be a Beauty Insider to access Sephora’s annual VIB sales.


When is the Sephora VIB Spring 2020 Sale?

  • Rouge will receive the highest markdown at 20% off from April 17 to May 1
  • VIB members will get 15% off from April 21 to April 2
  • Beauty Insider members will get 10% off from April 23 to April 27

Here are the dates of Sephora’s Spring sales over the last few years:


  • Rouge: April 24th – May 6th
  • VIB and Beauty Insider: May 2nd – May 6th


  • Rouge: April 13th – April 16th, April 20th – April 23rd  
  • VIB and Beauty Insider: April 20th – April 23rd


  • Rouge: April 18th – April 24th
  • VIB: April 19th – April 24th
  • Beauty Insider: April 20th – April 24th

As you can see from the dates of the Sephora Spring VIB sale of the previous few years, Rouge members are always able to take advantage of the sale before anyone else.

Also, in both the Spring and Fall VIB sales in 2019, Rouge members were able to shop the sale an ENTIRE WEEK before anyone else, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the same goes for the 2020 Sephora Spring VIB sale.

What discounts do you get during the Sephora Spring 2020 Sale?

That depends on your membership tier- usually these are the Sephora VIB sales’ discounts:

  • Rouge: 20% off
  • VIB: 15% off
  • Beauty Insider: 10% off

Are there any exclusions?

The Sephora Spring sale exclusions are similar to previous years. Promo codes aren’t valid on The Ordinary, for purchasing gift cards, and you are limited to just one Dyson item (but at least you get Dyson on sale! No one else has this!).

These were the exclusions during the Fall 2019 sale:

  • Not valid on Google or The Ordinary
  • Limited to 1 Dyson product per transaction
  • Limited to 5 Morphe products per transaction
  • Not valid of previous purchases, purchases of gift cards or e-gift cards, FLASH, PLAY! by Sephora
  • Not valid on orders shipping outside of US and Canada
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other offer or reward

I expect the exclusions to be similar during the Spring 2020 Sephora sale.

What are the discount codes?

Sephora will usually send you a discount code via email and regular mail prior to the start of the sale – the date dependent on your membership status.

I will also be updating this post when the discount codes are announced, so you can always check back here.

Can you use the Sephora VIB discount more than once?


You can use the Sephora VIB discount code as many times as you want in-store and online during the duration of the Sephora VIB sale.

It has been this way in all of the past Sephora VIB sales, so I have no doubt it will be the same during the Spring 2020 sale.

Can you use more than one promo code during the Sephora sale?

Unfortunately, you can only use one promo code at a time at Sephora.

So, if you are a Rouge member and have a Rouge Reward, you won’t be able to combine your Rouge Reward with the Sephora Spring sale discount code.

Also, if you are a Sephora Credit cardholder and have a Credit Card Reward and/or a Credit Card first purchase discount of 15% off, you won’t be able to combine it with the Spring VIB discount.

However, you can choose to save your Sephora Credit Card first purchase discount and use the Spring VIB discount during the Spring VIB Sale.

Where can you shop the 2020 Sephora Spring VIB Sale?

You can usually shop in-store and online but with COVID-19 I’m going to guess this sale will ONLY be online.

Does this Sephora sale include anything else?

Most likely, in past Sephora VIB sales, Rouge members could share their 20% discount with a friend on the first day of the sale! This applied in stores only and their friend had to be a Sephora Beauty Insider.

Also, Rouge members received sample bags in-store on the first day of the sale, while supplies lasted. Friends of Rouge members also received sample bags!

What should you get?

I’ve written a post recapping my FAVORITE products from Sephora last year and will be updating that post on here soon so be sure to check back!

What’s on your list for the next Sephora VIB sale?

Be sure to let me know down in the comments!



Love Lauren

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