The 9 Best Milky Pink Nail Polishes of 2024

Best Milky Pink Nail Polishes

I’ve been on a milky pink nail polish kick lately. Milky pink is a fun twist on your typical pink nails. It isn’t quite opaque, but it isn’t sheer either- it’s a mixture of the two and leaves you with a beautiful natural-looking color that goes with everything and works on any skin tone. If you’re looking for the best light pink/ white polish with flawless coverage this post has lots of options for you! Below are the best milky pink nail polishes of 2024.

The best part of this sheer pink shade is you don’t need to be an expert at applying your polish to get a beautiful look. This color is VERY forgiving. Of course, going to a nail salon or your specific nail technician is a fun treat but you can easily do this manicure at home. 

Another thing to note, these polishes are buildable- so more coats mean more coverage and more color. You can apply as many coats as you wish! All of these colors are applied to your natural nail and can be removed with regular nail polish remover- no soaking in acetone needed

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Manicure must haves

Manicure Tips

Whenever you do your own manicure I always recommend a few steps before you start painting. 

1. Trim and file your nails. These nail files are THE BEST. They make your nails feel so smooth.

2. Clean up your cuticles. This cuticle remover is a little pricey but it works so incredibly well. I like to use these push sticks. *Never cut your cuticles it leads to hangnails and possibly infection.

3. Buff your nail plate to smooth the surface of your nails. This buffer is the best option.

4. Wash your hands and wipe with acetone or alcohol. This ensures that there is no remaining oil left on your nails that will get in the way of your manicure lasting as long as possible. 

5. Apply base coat. Some of the brands below require specific pre-polish steps- I’ll flag them so you are aware. 

6. Apply a coat of polish and wait a few minutes for it to dry before applying the next coat. Repeat until you get the coverage you like. 

7. Apply top coat and for the best result brush it over the edge of your nail to ensure everything stays as long as possible. 

8. Apply cuticle oil or serum as needed. I like to apply it before bed. 

Bonus: If you have thin/ weak/ peely nails this nail hardener helps SO MUCH!

Here are the best milky pink nail polishes:

You really can’t go wrong with any of these baby pink colors. They’re all a great choice for your perfect milky pink manicure. They work with all nail shapes and will quickly become your signature color. 


Fairy Tailor– Essie Gel Couture polishes are kind of similar to gel polish in that they last for up to 14 days! These dry super fast! You have to purchase the two piece kit (the polish color and the top coat).

step 1: apply 2 coats of gel couture color to clean, bare nails; step 2: finish with 1 coat of gel couture top coat

Essie Ballet Slippers – This is a cult classic nail polish color!


Londontown Cheerio– This sheer, neutral pink is the perfect French manicure shade.

Best Milky Pink Nail Polishes by Londontown

Londontown Invisible Crown- This soft, sheer pink is sure to dazzle them all.

Best Milky Pink Nail Polishes by Londontown

Londontown Illuminating Nail Concealer– Londontown’s Nail Concealers are growing a huge fanbase. They brighten your nails and make them look flawless all in one simple step. They have a bit of a sheen to them to help create the illusion of a naturally flawless nail.


Olive and June’s Strawberry Scone is the perfect classic milky pink! I reviewed Olive and June’s Mani System HERE.

Olive and June Milky Pink Nail Polish


Dazzle Dry Prima Ballerina

Dazzle Dry is a long-lasting brand that calls themselves a dupe to gel without the hassle of a UV lamp and the lengthy removal process. If you’re hard on your nails or polish just doesn’t seem to last on you Dazzle Dry is the perfect choice. Some people can get this polish to last a couple weeks! See my full review HERE

Dazzle Dry Milky Pink Nail Polish


OPI Baby take a bow is the perfect classic milky pink polish color.

​OPI Bubble Bath is more of a tan milky pink shade. It’s lovely!

These are my favorite milky pink nail polishes!

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