The Top 10 Places To Buy Affordable Resortwear

Swimsuit season is here and summer vacations are right around the corner. It’s so fun to put looks together for when you’re on vacation. The thing with resort wear is you don’t wear it often, so I rarely splurge on these pieces. Today I’m sharing some looks that you can get for less and where to get them for a fraction of the cost. You can click any of the photos in this post to shop the items pictured. Below are my favorite places to find affordable resortwear!


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Essential Resortwear Packing List

I’m not going to spend $300 on a dress that I’ll only wear on vacation. So if you’re like me and love to look good on a budget then read on! Subscribe to my emails so you never miss a good deal.

  1. Hats are an essential resort vacation item. They are stylish and functional by keeping the sun off of your face. Here’s how I pack my hats.
  2. Sandals are my favorite summer accessory. I like to have both flats and heels so that I can have options while I’m on vacation.
  3. Dresses. It doesn’t matter if you are just hanging out by the pool or going to a nice dinner, dresses will always be comfortable and keep you cool.
  4. Swimsuits… need I say more?
  5. Cover-ups for that post-swim walk back to your room.
  6. Bottoms! I love to throw on a sarong over my bathing suit to complete the look. Or put on some cute paper bag waist pants with a flowy top.

Where to Shop for Affordable Resortwear

Here are my favorite stores to find affordable resortwear:

  1. Amazon. They obviously have a huge selection and some items are so good. Just make sure that what you’re getting has free returns if you’re unsure about it. Obviously, it’s the best place to go if you need something shipped quickly too.
  2. H&M has had some great stuff lately! Every time I shop there I’m pleasantly surprised. I love the button-up shirts from H&M!
  3. Lulu’s is one of my favorites! They have so many great finds and they are super affordable!
  4. Shein is another great source for resort wear. They have tons of affordable options and I’ve always been happy with the items I’ve ordered from them.
  5. Red Dress is my all-time favorite shop for dresses. They are the best quality and they have so many LoveShackFancy and Zimmerman Dupes!
  6. Mango has some really cute swimwear and sandals. They have amazing accessories too!
  7. Pink Lily has some really cute and colorful options, and their cover-ups are so adorable.
  8. Forever 21 is a surprising place to find cute resort wear. They have so many things to choose from, and they also have a great selection of vacation wear for men.
  9. Express is one of my favorite places to shop for clothes. The quality is always amazing and they have great bathing suit & resort options!
  10. Abercrombie & Fitch has so many amazing vacation finds!

Should you Splurge on Resortwear?

For me, I don’t think it’s necessary to splurge on vacation items. Unless you go on vacation a lot, or you will wear the items while you aren’t on vacation there really isn’t a need since you can get quality items that will last years at affordable prices.

I hope this post was helpful for finding affordable vacation pieces. Where are your go-to places to get affordable resort wear? I’m always on the hunt for great places to shop!

Lauren Erro in a maxi dress



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