Honest FASTer Way to Fat Loss 6 Week Program Review

I just completed the FASTer Way to Fat Loss 6-week nutrition program and I’m so happy with my experience! I’ve tried quite a few ways to lose weight and fat over the years (HCG dietLiposuctionCoolsculpting, to name a few…) and none have been as easy or rewarding as the FASTer Way program! If you’re ready to start your health journey I say skip every other diet/ fad/ surgery out there and start with counting macros. It truly is the easiest way to lose fat. 

In this post, I share everything you need to know about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. I share my before and after photos, my honest review, and all of the pros and cons and a 2 year update at the end of this post.

I never weigh myself- I go off of how my clothes are fitting and I was noticing that everything was getting tight- even my workout clothes… I was experiencing weight gain and it was time for a change. I’m 34 and have been watching my metabolism slow down a little more every year. 

I don’t like diets that restrict you from eating your favorite foods because we all know that isn’t a sustainable way to keep the weight off. So I was on the hunt for an easy lifestyle change. I work out and eat pretty healthy already, so I wanted to make some minor lifestyle adjustments that would help me lose fat. I wasn’t looking for a magic overnight weight loss plan (never again… LOL HCG was no joke). 

I saw a few ladies post their amazing weight loss journeys on Instagram and noticed that all of them mentioned counting macros. One thing they all kept saying was how shocked they are with how much they can eat in a day and still lose weight. These aren’t the 1200 calories a day, salad with no dressing dieters. They said don’t actually count calories at all!

Their amazing results made me feel optimistic about dieting and I hopped on the scale. WHEW, that was not fun. I weighed the most I’ve ever weighed! But surprisingly I didn’t instantly get mad at myself for gaining as much weight as I did. I just decided that now is the time to take my health more seriously. 

I found the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) custom calculator. This is a great tool if you like to figure things out on your own- as I do. I was shocked at what they told me that my ideal weight loss macros are: 

Calories: 1763

Protein: 127 grams

Fat: 63 grams

Carb: 172 grams (20-25 of which should be fiber)

I have never looked at the amount of protein, fat, or carbs I ate, only calories, and wow let’s just say these numbers equal a lot of food! I attempted to follow those macros for a few days and felt like there is NO WAY I could possibly lose weight while eating this much! I was feeling more confused than ever with what exactly I was supposed to be doing with macros so I ended up spending the $199 and signed up for FASTer Way to Fat Loss… and I’m SO GLAD I did!

Faster way to fat loss before and after photos

What is the FASTer Way To Fat Loss?

FASTer Way to Fat Loss is a nutrition & fitness program and It’s different than anything I’ve ever seen. It combines intermittent fasting, macro tracking, carb cycling, and fitness to maximize results by burning fat and building lean muscle. 

If you aren’t familiar with anything I just mentioned, it’s ok, I wasn’t either. Here’s my brief explanation of the basics of the program:

Intermittent Fasting. Intermittent fasting is basically where you try to fast (not eat) for 12+ hours. The FASTer Way recommends a 16/8 window – 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of feeding. I’ve heard of intermittent fasting but it always seemed intimidating to me… I quickly learned that it’s not bad! You basically skip breakfast and start eating around 11 am and stop eating around 7pm. Intermittent fasting has SO MANY benefits! If you want to learn more about it I found this article very helpful.

Macro Tracking & Nutrition. Instead of counting calories, you only track the grams of “macros” you consume each day. All you need to focus on is the grams of fat, protein, and carbs. Your macro goals will be determined by your current weight, your goal weight, and your activity level. This is why I was so excited for this program. I wanted someone to tell me my most accurate macros for my particular goals. You use the MyFitnessPal app to plan and track EVERYTHING you eat. The only real restriction is that you are instructed to eat whole foods only – if it came from the ground or had a mother, you can eat it! You’re also encouraged to go dairy-free and gluten-free and avoid alcohol for your first 6 weeks. I definitely didn’t strictly follow these guidelines- I’ll share more about this later in this post.

Carb Cycling. The FASTer Way to Fat Loss has specific low-carb days, regular days, low macro days, and feast days. This is carb cycling and is what really turns your body’s ability to burn fat FAST and increase your energy levels. By intentionally mixing up carb intake it also helps to support your hormones. On Mondays and Tuesdays, you eat low-carb foods that are high in healthy fats and protein. You aim to keep your carbs at or less than 50 grams. Wednesdays-Sundays are regular macro days when you focus on getting your energy from carbohydrates, so our carbohydrate intake is higher and our fat intake is lower. They also have low macro & feast days thrown in the mix.

Fitness. There are three levels of workouts to choose from within the Faster Way to Fat Loss program – low impact, at-home, and gym workouts. They include strength training, HIIT (high intensity, interval training), and active recovery like stretching, yoga, barre). The workouts are planned out intentionally to coordinate with your nutrition plan and maximize fat-burning + muscle building.

Faster way to fat loss before and after photos

FASTer Way to Fat Loss: My Honest Review & Experience

Overall I really enjoyed the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program once I got the hang of how things work. The program did have some learning curves that took a minute to figure out. The funny part is that most of the negative things I experienced came from the coaching and not the program itself.

I signed up for the October 11 challenge. My coach emailed me on the 12th asking me to sign up for the Facebook group, download the MyFitnessPal and the FASTer Way app, fill out the client assessment form, and join weekly Zoom small group meetings.

The email also asks you to take your measurements. Their measurement guide was super helpful since it showed you exactly where on your body to measure. I’ve taken my measurements many times before and always wondered if I was measuring the same area each time. I really liked how clear it was and will continue to use it again in the future!

Faster Way to fat loss macros goals
Look at how different my regular macros day is from the FASTer Way Program vs. IIFYM (above). These numbers are more realistic.

My custom macros arrived on October 14 so I assumed the actual 6 weeks would start the following Monday. Nope… I missed a whole week of the program! My coach wasn’t very helpful or communicative. This was frustrating for me. I’ve learned that not all of the coaches are great. I’ve had friends complete the 6 weeks and LOVE their coaches. So I think if you’re not vibing with your coach contact them and ask to switch!

Tracking your food into an app is VERY helpful. It makes you aware of everything you eat and causes you to make better choices. Macros tracking provides a lot of freedom and the app allows you to plan ahead. I would usually plan my entire day of eating out the night before. This was especially helpful if I knew we would be going on a date or meeting up with a friend. 

I missed the memo that you’re encouraged to go gluten and dairy-free while on the program. But to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t know!  It probably would have deterred me from signing up- LOL. When I found this out I contacted their support line and learned that they recommend it because they’re common “inflammation-causing foods”. But, its not a requirement! 

The FASTer Way to Fat Loss app has amazing workouts. They are quick, not too challenging, and have options for working out at home or at the gym. I would typically work out 4 days a week. I’d do one of the HIIT days, then all of the strength training days, and maybe one of the active recovery if I felt like it. I was pretty sore when I started the program but as the weeks went on It was amazing to see my results! My husband does the workouts too and really enjoys them (and he does NOT like to work out).

What I Liked About the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program


You really don’t feel deprived of your favorite foods. I continued to eat a lot of the foods I normally eat and actually discovered I was WAY under-eating. I was probably barely eating 1200 calories most days… my poor body was probably in starvation mode and I had no idea.

You have to eat a lot

I was shocked at how much I had to eat. This is where Intermittent fasting is challenging. The not eating until 11 part wasn’t hard for me but trying to get all of the food in by 7 pm was not easy! In the beginning, I found myself short on protein and carbs almost daily. I would drink protein shakes every day which I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to be part of the plan but… whatever. I just couldn’t hit my protein macros without them. I also ate a lot of Quest chips. One thing that’s interesting is there are so many bars and sweet food options with protein but not many savory options. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth so I found these chips to be very helpful. The weekly meal guides and ingredient lists were very helpful.

No weekly weigh-ins

I also liked that you are not supposed to weigh yourself and they actually said if you do and you message them that you haven’t lost weight they will ask you to leave the program! I’ve never heard of a diet plan like this, have you!? 

Did I mention you have to eat?

You have to eat So. Many. Carbs. I love fruit, pasta, and rice and on this program I found myself eating so much of them I was shocked! I was eating some sort of starch like this every day just to hit my carb macros. The “low carb days are definitely the hardest, but not just because of the low carb gram amount. It was surprisingly hard to eat that much fat! 

The workouts are actually fun

I love the workouts. They’re challenging but they didn’t cause me to hurt myself. They were also very motivating to increase weight and try new or harder moves. They have one of the coaches that guides you for a less intense option for every move but I found a lot of the time I would attempt the harder option first and it was ok! The 30 minutes workouts pass in record time!

Progress Over Perfection!

I love their mantra – Progress Over Perfection! I never felt guilty if I messed up a meal or a whole day. If you know you’re going on vacation or just won’t have time to properly eat your macros just work on hitting your protein number. It’s truly the most flexible diet I’ve ever done. You have your ideal macros number and really you just want to be within 10 grams (above or below) to stay on track.

Faster way to fat loss before and after photos

What I didn’t like about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program

The coaching could have been better

I feel like I should preface this by clearly stating that I didn’t sign up for the FASTer Way program because I wanted a coach. I just wanted my custom macros and a little bit of info on what I should do to properly track them and meet my goals. With that said, I’m glad I wasn’t counting on my certified coach because mine truly wasn’t great. She reached out to me individually one time during the 6 weeks. 

Zoom calls

There are weekly zoom calls with the coach and everyone in their small groups. After the first two, I never went back. I’m not the biggest fan of sitting on Zoom calls while random people ask questions. It seemed redundant because they would concisely recap everything on the Monday Facebook live in the FASTer Way group. I feel like if you still have questions after watching the live is when you should contact your coach and ask your random questions.

The Facebook group

Besides the Monday live, the Facebook group didn’t do much for me. Probably because I had no clue I was even supposed to be doing anything in there for weeks. I still don’t really know what the point of the group was. They would have daily motivational messages and expected the program participants to share a screenshots of their macros for everyone to see. Maybe it helped some people stay accountable every step of the way? I am pretty good on my own so again I felt this was unnecessary.

The food schedule

I found myself often confused by the constantly changing food schedule. Yes, you need to eat whole food nutrition, but also the daily requirements are different. Mondays & Tuesdays were low carb, Wednesday-Friday was regular, I thought Saturday was the feast day every week, and Sunday was regular. But I am pretty sure I was doing that wrong and wasn’t supposed to ever have a feast day until the last week? I also was not interested in doing a 24-hour fast so I skipped this day entirely. Clearly, this diet works if I can change this much of it and still see results.

Lackluster ending

When the 6 weeks ended it was just over. Not even a goodbye email from my coach. I was hoping they would send another client assessment form and talk to me about my progress but nope. So I took the form from an earlier email and filled it out myself. At the end, they automatically charge your card and assume you want to sign up for the VIP program. Fortunately, I did.

My results from the FASTer Way to Fat Loss

Despite missing the first week, having a feast day every Saturday, not eating only “whole foods”, Dairy, or Gluten-free, and celebrating Thanksgiving and the day after with no regard for my macros I still lost 11.8 inches overall! I lost 4 pounds and definitely feel amazing! I love my new healthy lifestyle and I’m experiencing better sleep! I probably would have lost even more if I followed the plan more closely but you know what? I’m happy with my results and I plan to keep up this lifestyle. This program, created by Amanda Tress, is a game changer! 

Faster way to fat loss before and after photos
I can’t believe how much my back side changed in 6 weeks! 
Faster way to fat loss before and after photos

In my opinion, you absolutely will see results from the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, even if you never talk to your coach – haha. This was a great program! I signed up for the VIP membership mainly for the effective exercise program and the weekly meal plan, and the FASTer way recipe library- I really enjoy them! They also have a more experienced coach/ personal trainer that takes over from there if you need additional support. Mine seems nice but I haven’t really spoken to her (yet). The app also has a tracker to help you keep an eye on your daily water needs. 

If you’re thinking of signing up for this sustainable lifestyle I 100% recommend it! It has helped me get out of my comfort zone, hit my goals faster without a ton of hard work, and focus on real food.  If you have any questions or comments about the key components of this program please feel free to leave them below.

You can sign up for the FASTer Way to Fat Loss HERE. The is a new 6- week program starting regularly and the next one starts right after the new year begins so it’s perfect timing to reach your health & fitness goals!

Hope you found this helpful!

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