My Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

Oh. Hi, dry winter skin.

I swear, we spend all year figuring out how to make our skincare routine perfect then winter happens and we shrivel back to square one. I have normal to combination skin so literally ALL my products suddenly stop pulling their weight.  

Now I need more hydration, so I have to figure out how to layer another product under my makeup, but keep my makeup in place. 

I get these weird dry zits that flake if I put any drying products on them, so my zits seem to last 3x as long. Which makes makeup application even harder.

Oh and don’t get me started on my clogged pores and zits that I can’t extract because they are so dried out. TMI? Yep, well that’s winter skin for ya!


So what the heck are you supposed to do?? Here is my winter skin routine:



I NEVER stray from my favorite cleanser. It’s moisturizing, foamy, inexpensive, and just WORKS. Some skincare experts say to switch to a cream cleanser in the winter. That is not necessary! I am convinced that cream cleansers don’t really do anything. Well, except make me feel like I need to wash my face again.

My favorite cleanser



Just don’t over exfoliate. 2-3 times a week is a safe number. This is one of the most underrated skin care steps that can really alleviate dry winter skin. If you don’t remove that dried out layer of dead skin it acts like a sponge and soaks up your moisturizer. Foundation and concealer also will stick to your dry dead skin and becomes impossible to blend.

Sooo… removing that layer of dead skin will allow the penetration of serums and moisturizer to be absorbed more effectively. In turn, making your skin MORE hydrated. *If you are new to exfoliating, or just want to know which type is best for you, check out this post.

Here are some of my favorite ways to exfoliate- I like to mix it up.

  • Face scrub (scrub your lips too!!).  



    Face scrub doesn’t need to be expensive, just make sure it isn’t too abrasive.


  • I love a good shave. Shaving scrapes off your dead skin and peach fuzz off so you have an instant glow. Shave with your skin dry and go against the hair. 
These are my favorite razors for shaving my face.


  • PMD. This device is SO good. I don’t use it often, maybe 1-2 times a month. But it exfoliates and has suction, so it literally sucks your dead skin off! 
This is an investment device but its WORTH IT!



Use a face mask 2-3 times a week. Applying your masks after exfoliating is ideal for maximum ingredient absorption. Hydrating sheet masks and cream masks are your best bet. You can also apply your cream mask as your moisturizer at night and sleep in it. This will give you an added hydration boost.

I LOVE Glamglow products. Yes, they are pricey, but they last forever and they work!



I LOVE this one because it’s non-drying. It smells amazing, and really refreshes my skin. I use it after I wash my makeup off to ensure my skin is clean.

My Favorite Toner


OK so I’m going to get a little technical on you, but this is SO important to know!

There is a big difference between hydrating and moisturizing. When your skin feels dry you likely need BOTH.

While hydration is what makes our skin soft, it won’t stay that way if there is nothing locking the hydration in. So your skin will feel dry and flaky.  On the flip side, if you put moisturizer on top of already dehydrated skin, it may smooth it, but it will still lack the hydration that makes it feel soft and elastic.

  • Dehydrated skin that is moisturized without hydration will still look dull and feel uncomfortably tight.
  • Dry skin that is hydrated but not moisturized will still flake and have a rough texture.

Does that make sense? Basically, the function of a moisturizer is to form a protective barrier on the skin. Think of it as your skin’s “coat.” But if your skin is dry and you put on moisturizer, you aren’t alleviating the dryness.

This means you first need hydration, followed by a moisturizer. It’s important to layer your products in this order otherwise your products can’t do their job.



I just discovered this serum and am OBSESSED. My skin was feeling very tight and dry for weeks and when I started using this my skin instantly felt better.

Holy grail product alert!!


Hyaluronic acid is an amazing hydrator. It packs quite a punch- it can carry 1000x its weight in water and plumps your skin too! Hyaluronic acid is used in most of the fillers on the market (Juvederm, Vollure, etc) but it also works well when applied topically. It works with all skin types and is great to use all year. It’s also not heavy or greasy. 

Hyaluronic Acid is perfect for any skin type


A hydrating oil serum is another awesome option.  Rosehip seed oil is my favorite because it’s so light and has a million skin benefits. Oils are really great for dry, sensitive or mature skin types.

The perfect light oil for dry skin



I’ve explained the difference between hydrating and moisturizing. Now I’m going to tell you a major secret. If you use a great hydrator/ serum, the moisturizer you use on top doesn’t really matter. Meaning, you don’t need to spend $60+ on your moisturizer! My favorite daytime moisturizer doubles as a sunscreen and makeup. If I’m wearing regular foundation I love the CeraVe Daily Moisturizer lotion. It’s light and effective. It’s great at night too!

THE BEST ALL-IN-1 face product!



Every day. Even if you don’t leave your house, or it’s cloudy. Put it on your neck, chest, and hands too. This is my favorite non-tinted sunscreen. I also love primer with sunscreen- Coola Day Dream is the best & it has a nice light shimmer that makes your skin look amazing!


Hydrating Setting Spray

This is a must if you wear makeup. Since you can’t exactly rub moisturizer on your foundation, setting spray actually sets your makeup and adds extra hydration. You can spray this on, throughout the day without ruining your makeup.  Put one in your car/ purse/ desk. Just make sure it doesn’t have alcohol! 

One of my favorite hydrating sprays


And that’s it (LOL)! Phew, that was a lot of info.

What are your dry skin remedies? Have you tried any of the products I love? Leave your questions & comments below!


Love Lauren



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  1. Great post! I have normal to dry skin all year round so in the winter it gets REALLY dry. A great product that’s really helped is Cetaphil night cream with hyaluronic acid. Thank you for the great product recommendations!

  2. Fantastic post, I’m still yet to try shaving my face but im really eager to give it a go.
    FYI- your instagram brought me here. My used is @NoFauxBeauty xxx

  3. This post is awesome and I literally was just telling myself I need to look into a different face wash because it wasn’t making my skin feel clean enough. Loving all the recommendations. Writing these down and going to go check some of these out! Thank you! You are my beauty go to! ????

  4. My hands get the worst of winter weather. I rotate between super thick hand creme and coconut oil and sleep with socks on my hands after applying. Haha #dork

  5. Love all the products! I especially love my tinkles razors and they make such a huge difference with makeup application and it just seems like serums and lotions are absorbed so much better! Rosehips has helped my hyperpigmentation so so much!

  6. Wow girl!!! I love this post it is so helpful ☺️ I honestly struggle with skin care a lot because I don’t know that much, but this was super helpful! Thanks for all the help 🙂

  7. Thank a lot for those great tips..Love somes of the products you use for sure will love to try them???? Where you buy Cerave? Will like to try it I have combination skin and some flaky dry flashes.

  8. This post is amazing. All your products are very helpful to keep the beauty of the skin. I would love to share your tips with my friends. Keep sharing such useful posts so that it will be beneficial to all the ladies.

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